Inspirational Songs For Entrepreneurs

Over the years, I have collected songs that help me as I go through my entrepreneurial journey Some of the songs are celebration songs that I stop, and take a break, and dance to when things are going great, I have a success, I book a client, I book a speaking engagement, everything's going right and I want to celebrate

That's when I play these songs On the other hand, I also have some songs that give me encouragement on those days where nothing seems to be going right And if you're an entrepreneur, you know what I mean There are always ups and downs in business, and it's easy to get distracted, and to feel down, and want to go get a job I've been there

But these songs have really helped get me focused on my goal, help keep me focused on my goal, and get me back on track So I'm hoping that these songs will be an inspiration to you as well The first song is Wintley Phipps, Keep on Climbing And I'm going to read you just a few of the lyrics from the song It starts off with, "God placed a dream within your heart, and if you make a start, he wants for you to know

" And then a few verses later he says, "He's there to see you through" I love this song He has an amazing voice And if you would like to listen to this song, all of the songs that I am sharing with you are in a playlist on my YouTube channel I will put a link to the playlist in the description, so if this sounds like a song that you would enjoy listening to, and would give you inspiration and help uplift your spirits, then I encourage you to go over to my channel and listen to the playlist

The second song on my list is Yolanda Adams, Never Give up I heard this song for the first time at a conference that my business coach was sponsoring At the end of her conference, she had all of us stand up and make a wide circle around the room, and she played this song And it was very emotional A lot of people were very emotional while they were listening to this song

But in essence, this song is saying never give up on you Never give up on your dreams, keep pushing towards your goals, and make your dreams a reality It's a beautiful song, and it's also in the playlist, so you'll have a chance to listen to it If you haven't heard the song before I think you would enjoy it, and it would provide you with a lot of encouragement and inspiration on those days when you really need something to help pick you up And the third song that I go is a little more upbeat

This song is by Mary Mary, and it's called Go Get It And in this song, they are encouraging me and you to go get your blessing God has a blessing for you Go get it Go for it with all that you have, and make your dream a reality

And I just want to end Those are the three songs

I just want to end this by encouraging you to go for your dreams If you have something that's pulling on you, something that you want to share with the world, something that you feel that you've been called to do, don't let anything stand in your way Keep working towards your goals, and I hope that these songs will help you if there's ever a time when you feel like giving up You can listen to these songs, or choose another list of songs that you really love, that will help you get back on track, and help you keep moving forward to reaching your goals Until next time, thank you so much for watching my video

If you like this video, please click the like button If you're not subscribed to my channel, I invite you to click the red button and subscribe, and please click the bell so you will be notified the next time that I upload a video And also in the comments, please answer the question of the day The question of the day is, do you have songs that you love, that are your go-to songs when you need to celebrate successes in your business, or you need some support and encouragement to help keep you moving forward? Thanks again for watching, and I will see you on the next video Bye

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