Helping Jason Feel Better! | MyCraft Minecraft Survival [Ep.6]

Jason: The room is filling up with water! Jessica: It's ok! Jason: And Flower is crying! Jessica : *Dying* It's Blue, BLUE ! Jason: Why is there a block next to me now? *The opening song plays* Jessica: Hello everyone my name is Jess! Jessica: And today in this episode of MyCraft Jessica: Jason Jessica: Is actually not feeling too well Jessica: How you holding up? Jason: Ohhuhhmy voice is like gone Jason: SoI Jessica: Awww Jason: I need to rest today I-Im going to rest right here Jessica: Ahohawww Jason: FOREVER Jessica: Hereummm Jason: I'M SORRY EVERYBODY! Jessica: It's okay Jason: OHH my head goes round in circles Jessica: Don- Don't do that! *giggles* Jessica: I need you to live! I can't raise these kids alone!! Okay? Jason: Butth-that's how I'm sick, uh my neck is broken tooahhhhh Jessica: *giggles* That's perfectly fineI mean NO-NO IT'S NOT- THAT'S NOT FINE! (I:T) Jason: UUUUUUGGGGHHH Jessica: But you know I-I-It's okay you just sit here and relax Jessica: I'll take care of the kids today and you know what? Jessica: I'm gonna have them do some special stuff for you to help you feel better Okay? Jason: uh

uhuh Jessica: Alright? Jason: I'll be fine Jessica: No You need-you need help

Jessica: We're going to help you alright? Jessica: I love you Jason: I don't know if that's a good idea Jessica: I love you Jason Jessica: So I'm going to help you-the kids are going to help you Jessica: We all love you so you stay here and get some rest Jessica: And we'll bring you some stuff right away soon okay?Okay Jason: I Jessica: Alright Jason: I love you too but I- Jessica: GET SOME REST! Jason: I don't think that such a good idea Aphmau: IT'S OKAYYY! Aphmau: Alright so Jason: UUUHHHHGGGGH Jessica: Now what we are going to do is Jessica: We are going to tell the children Jessica: That Jason is not feeling well Jessica: Because they don't know yet Jessica: But that's okay because he's over there Jessica: And we are going to do awesome special stuff Jessica: So they understand how to take care of someone when they're sick Jessica: Alright Jessica: GOOD MORNING!! Jessica: GOOD MORNING FLOWER!! Jessica: GOOD MORNING BLUE!! Jessica: Heyokay Jessica: Oh, you're so HAPPY TODAY Jessica: Alright!

Awww *squeals* Hiii! Jessica: Aww you guys are so cute, come here and give me a hug Jessica: Give me a big hug Jessica: Awwwthere we goalright Jessica: So guys I need you to sit down Jessica: Cause I have announcement to make Jessica: Oh sorry Jessica: I have an announcement to make Jessica: And I want to let you guys know Jessica: That daddy isn't feeling well today Jessica:

Okay? Jessica: Yeah he NO N-N-NO!! Jessica: Don't cry!!! Don't cry!! Don't cry!!! Jessica: It's okay- it's okay I-It's okay uh Jessica: Let me close the door just in case Jessica: You know the-the Jessica: OH-OH FLOWER NO IT'S OKAY

Alright Jessica: So l-Alright IT'S OKAY Jessica: We are going to help daddy feel better Jessica: Don't you guys want to help daddy feel better? Right Jessica: We're gonna- we're gonna bring him some nice things Jessica: Some of his favorite things Jessica: AND he'll feel better Jessica: And then he'll get-he'll Jessica: BLUE

It- he'll fell be- YAH! Jessica: THERE YOU GO!

See Jessica: We're gonna do something nice for him Jessica: So let's go see him Jessica: OKAY?! Jessica: Alrightlet's go see how he's doing Jessica: Come this way children! Jessica: Alrightbut be- shh shhbe very quiet when you go talk to him Jessica: Because he's- he's not feeling too wellokay? Jessica: Go on Jessica: Go say higo go Jason: HELLO? Jason: Uh ih ohh Jason: Jess don't bring the kids in umm they're gonna get sick too Jessica: No they won't don't worry Jessica: Oh No Blue it's okay Aphmau: (Laughs) Jessica: It's ok! Jessica: Guys! Jessica: Hey! Jason: What's with all the waterworks? Jessica: Th-they they love you! So they're like

Imitating children: We don't want daddy to be sick! "Oh no, daddy's sick!" Jason: Am I- Jason: Am I dying? Aphmau: Awwww he's giving you a hug

Jason: He's- He's kicking me out of bed!!! Jason: OHHHHH you broke my neck!!!!!!! Jessica: It's okay! It's okay! Jessica: Alright, come on guys We're gonna go get you some stuff to make you feel better! Jessica: Okay? Okay Alright Jason: You should probably go Jason: It'll be okay Jessica: Its a- Jessica: You'll be fine don't worry Jason: Uhhhh okay Jessica: Come on guys Lets go Gonna go out Jessica: And did you see how nice mommy and daddy's room is? Jason: *Blue waves to Jason* Jessica: Let's go, come on

Jessica: Alright, so, where's Jessica: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! God you're so cute! Jessica: Okay, so, first things first Jessica: We're gonna make ummm Jessica: How bout' this Jessica: We're gonna make ummm chicken noodle soup, for daddy Jessica: Okay? Jessica: That sound like a good idea, right? Jessica: Perfect! Jessica: So yeah, chicken noodle soup, we're gonna make that Jessica: AND uhh it's gonna be great, alright? Jessica: I'll show you guys how to make it Jessica: But first, I have to make a pot Jessica: So you guys just, uhhh

you guys play for a little bit and mommy is going to make a pot Jessica: And then we're going to get the recipe for the chicken noodle soup Jessica: And then we'll take it up to him, okay? Jessica: Gotcha Alright So

Go ahead and do what you wanna do right now Jessica: And I'll come get ya' in a second Jessica: Let's see do we have the ingredients for it Jessica: Umm

Jessica: We need iron uhh I don't know if I have any iron yet Jessica: Uhhh Jessica: I think Jason had some

Jessica: But I'm not entirely sure Jessica: UHHHH Jessica: I gotta go check up here Jessica: Um Oh I have one iron! Jessica: AHH

I need like 4 Jessica: Huh ShhhhhYou can't see me Jason: I HEARD YOU NEED IRON Jason: I'VE GOT A BUCKET Jason: YOU CAN TAKE MY IRON Jessica: But

I-I need to make a pot Jessica: Do you have any iron? *giggling* Jason: BUT I NEED THE SECOND ONE Jason: OH Jason: YOU NEED ACTUAL? Jason: HERE, YOU CAN HAVE SOME IRON BUT BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME OKAY?? Jessica: *giggling* ^Jason moaning at the same time^ Jessica: Thank you, thank you so much!! (Still moaning) Jessica: Alright, I got enough

Jessica: Thank you Jessica: Get some rest, okay? Jason: You-You-You Jessica: Get some rest Jason: Please don't come back! Jessica: Okay, alright, so if I come to the bench, Jessica: I can do this, and then there we go, Jessica: Got a pot Jessica: Alright, so where are my lovely little childrens? Jessica: Umm, Blue, Flower? Jessica: Where you guys at? Jessica: Where did they go? Jessica: Blue? Flower? Jessica: Hmm, oh! Jessica: What you guys doin'? Jessica: Uhh wha-wha-what are you guys doin'? Jessica: Blue? Jessica: Flower? Jessica: Whats goin' on here? Jessica: Aww Jessica: You got a bunch of baby chickies! Jessica: Where did they Jessica: Did you guys

Jessica: Did you-wait, did you guys get rid of all our eggs? Jessica: Uhh Jessica: Wha-what are you doin' with this chicken? Jessica: What are you doing with these chickies? Jessica: Where are you taking that chickie? Jessica: Blue? Jessica: What are you doing? Jessica: Uhh chickies stay here Jessica: Uh

They all looked at me like I was some kind of- Jessica: What are you guys doing? Jessica: What are you doing to the chicken? Jessica: Umm Jessica: Wait (Jessica gasps) Jessica: Guys, guys is that's not what I- *laugh* What are you guys doing? Jessica: No!!! Jason: Oh hey Blue, how's it going? Jessica: Uh Uh there's a problem Jason: What's with that rope? Jason: What's that rope? Jason: That rope's going through the wall Jessica: Uhh, uhh don't worry about it I got it covered Jessica: Blue, can you come here? Jessica: Oh, c'mere c'mere Jason: Oh, hi Flower Jessica: It's okay Jessica: Miss- Jason: I don't need eggs, don't please don't Jessica: Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue (Jason: They're very nice eggs) Jessica: We're trying to make chicken noodle soup, not actually bring chickens to him Jason: I can't eat raw eggs I don't think that they would make me better Jessica: I-I get it but okay alright

so Jessica: Blue, come on lets go Jessica: Alright, we'll see ya later daddy It's okay

Come on Let's go Jessica: Flower Jason: Don't push me out of bed I'm gonna die! Jessica: *giggling* Jessica: We'll be good Jessica: Guys, we don't need to bring chickens to his room okay? Jessica: We just need to get him chicken noodle soup Jessica: So I'm trying to figure out the recipe for chicken noodle soup Jessica: AND, I think I'm going to need some pasta Jessica: So give me a second Jessica: Okay? Jessica: Alright You go play with your brother okay? Okay

Jessica: Alrighty lets see pasta Jessica: Okay So no pasta here just yet

: Jessica: UGHHHHHHHHHHHH Jessica: Alright so this is actually, a more complicated ingredient than I thought Jessica: I might actually need my, uhhhh wooden stuff Jessica: Why did I say we're gonna make chicken noodle soup? Jessica: This doesn't make any sense Jessica: Uhhh Jessica: Okay

Alright SoI don't think I have anything here

Jessica: Blue what are you doing? Jessica: Is Flower here? Oh Flower's there

Okay Jessica: Blue-B- Jessica: Alright What Jessica: Uhhuhhuh-uh-uhhhh Jessica: Uh Flower! What Jessica: Ahhh Jessica: No no no! Jason: Oh what Jason: OH! This is not good

Jason: Blue! I don't need any chickens! I-I need, I need soup (Jessica gasping and freaking out) Jessica: Blue, Blue, Blue Jason: Where-Why are they all baby chickens? Where did you find so many baby chickens? Jessica: Because we have baby humans? I don't know? Jessica: Baby chickens are attracted to baby humans like they are a magnet for them? Jessica: I don't know Either way- Jason: I-I see them all Jason: I'm getting feathers in my NOSE!! Jessica: *laughing* Alright come on guys lets go, Jessica: Blue, you can hold the chickens with you we might need them for later Jason: What about these for? Some of the chickens are not leaving

Jessica: Blue, you might-you might wanna go get the chickens and gather them up Jessica: This is actually a good chance for me to grab my stuff from this inventory thing Jessica: Its ok (Jason: Oh my goodness) Jessica: Don't worry Jason, we'll be fine Jessica: Its good Haha

Jason: They're all starting to live here (Jessica laughing) Jessica: Um okay so- Jason: Blue, I-I love you so much but this is NOT helping Jessica: Okay, Blue, Flower its o- AwwwwIt's okay sweetie Jessica: Daddy loves you, he just- Jason: I'm just gonna pass out now Jessica: *laughing* Jessica: Blue, blue hey You know, you could be a BIG helper and do him- *laughs*- FLOWER! Jessica: Ahem Guys, you did a wonderful thing by trying to help your father But right now, I think it's time you gathered up Jessica: The chickens and we take them out for a walk the chickens but your daddy's dying Jessica: But the chickens need some exercise So if you can, lets gather up the chickens Jessica: get them all back on leads and we'll take them out and you can hold them you can hold them the entire time Blue okay ? Jessica: Mommy's gonna go make a mixing bowl just gather the chickens you know you can put the chickens in your room how about that Jason: A-are you leaving me with the chickens? Jessica: I trust the children they managed to get chickens no they are gonna gather the chickens while I (Jason interupts) Why are there like three or four chickens just staring at me? Jessica: I gotta make this chicken noodle soup Jason Jessica: I think they know I'm close to death Jessica: No they don't your fine ! Don't worry ok (Jason complaining in the background) They left one it's staring at me Flower please get the chicken

Jessica: Dough Jason: Flower don't leave me! (Jessica giggling) Jessica: Umm Jason: Awww there's a chicken Jessica: Where can I get salt from ? Jessica: Uh flour is something I need I need- Why don't I have any of this stuff Jason: get out of here! alright good Jessica: let's see so Jason: The chicken left someone close the door! Jessica: Flour hah I need um Jessica: A motar! Jessica: A motar Jessica: A motar and a oh that's pretty easy just I just need- Jessica: Let's see Jason: It's a mortar (Jessica laughing) Jessica: A mortar Jason I think I need stone oruhhh cobblestone? Or just regular stone Jason: Oh don't bring the chickens back! ughhh (Jessica laughing quietly) Jessica: Children please take the chickens to your room daddy needs some rest and there's one chicken in here that might take daddy's soul so please get the chicken out Jason: Now Flower's having a staring contest with the chicken in my room ! (Aphmau giggling) Jessica: Uhhh ok alright you guys are good ? Jessica: Alright It's ok guys can you get the chickens out of our room ( Breathless chuckles ) Ohhh Jason: This is- this is what I thought was gonna happen and now I feel like I'm getting worse Jessica: It's ok It's ok Ummm hmmm Jason : Now there are three chickens (Jessica laughing) Jason: Now four Jessica: I am working on the soup Flower's there Oh Blue is everything okay ? ( Blue nods) Oh everything's good

Alright I trust you guys Don't worry Jessica: Um that and wheat , do we have wheat ? Uh Blue and Flower I have a great task for you guys Uh come here come here Blue, Flower Jessica: Blue, Flower Alright here we go come here alright So Blue, can I have a lead or two ? Jessica: Oh, I-I don't need that many, but thank you Jessica: I also don't have to question where you got all of these

Jessica: But, okay Jessica: Um, okay! So, uh, guys I need you guys to go pick some wheat for me

Okay? Jessica: So go get some wheat, and then bring it back I trust you guys to be alone, so go do that, and You'll be fine

Jessica: Okay? Okay Awesome! Great Jessica: Go get the wheat! Go, go Go Jessica: Awh, what adorable little angels Aphmau: Chicken, ah

I can't get rid of you I got rid of another chicken and I-I just– I'm sorry Jessica: Come here, come here I'm sorry Jessica: I know, come on

There we go Jessica: Alright Jessica: There we go, alright So chicken in here JASON are you okay? Jason: (talking to chicken) No, I don't think she knows

Jason: (??????) Oh, hi! Jason: I was talking to these chickens (Jessica giggling) Jessica: It's okay I got them Im taking Jason: Everyone else left me, and they were my new– okay, you just Y-you left one

Jason: He's there in the corner Jessica: Do you want these chickens? (Silence) Jason: Uh, n-no! I DON'T Jessica: Alright, im taking them Jessica: Get some rest, okay? I- I will make sure the kids are fine

Jason: I've been trying! Jessica: I'll make sure the the kids are fine Come on chickens Lets go Jessica: Okay, alright (Jessica sighs) Jessica: Hopefully Blue and Flower are doing fine with the wheat

Here we go, perfect Jessica: Okay Hey guys! Jessica: Alright, so! Let's see What do I need here? Jessica: I need uh I gotta look at the recipe for this thing

um (Looks at the recipe) Jessica: (Sees Blue with George) Blue Blue? Jessica: Thank you for the wheat! B-But what are you doing with the cow? Jessica: I-Is that Is that your Uncle George? Jessica: Is that George? Jessica: Uh (Gasps) AH! IT'S GEORGE!! Jason: Hey honey, I could really use some milk (Jessica stammers) Jason: I could really use some milk right now Jason: W-What is Blue doing? Jason: Uh, B-BLUE!! Jessica: B-Blue! B-B-B-B-Blue! Take the moo Jason: WHAT ARE YOU LETTING HIM DO?! Jessica: T-Take the moo away (Wheezes) Jason: W-What's going on?! (Jessica wheezes some more) Jason: W-Why is there a cow now? Blue

Jessica: It's George! Jason: You can't be bringing animals inside Jessica: It's Uncle George (Giggling) Jason: Listen, I love George but I don't think he's gonna help me– oh, thanks for the milk Jessica: I-I'll take him back Jason: You

You didn't need to bring George here Jessica: Alright, George Say bye! Jessica: Alright Jessica: George is going bye-bye

Jason: Bye George Why is there just wheat everywhere? Jessica: It's time to mooove on! Jason: THIS IS NOT HELPING!! Jessica: (Giggles) Come on George! Jason: I can't rest Jessica: Ughhhh Okay- uh- Blue? Please repair the house! Jessica: While I take care of this Aphmau: Moo moo here and a moo moo there Jessica: Everywhere a moo moo

Jessica: (Sighs) I feel so bad I need to (?????, with giggling) Jessica: Okay Alright, George You can stay right here

Okay? Jessica: You stay right there George Jessica: Go out Alright, you stay here Okay? Jessica: Okay, Blue! Flower! Alright, y-you guys have done a great job helping, alright? Jessica: A-And I really appreciate it Jessica: Okay

How about this? This time, NO ANIMALS Jessica: Okay? Jessica: No aminals, this time I need you guys to fetch me a bucket of water Okay? Jessica: So here's a bucket, and Oh- what There's a bucket Go get me a bucket of water Jessica: Okay? You guys go and do that

Go, go Jessica: (Sighs) Okay Now, time to go back to what I was doing Jessica: OK! Now I can finally make the dough, and see how this goes Jessica: Ugh, I feel like their gonna bring up an animal or something this time

Jessica: You got the- (Gasps) OH! You got the- what- uh, Blue! Blue! Blue Jessica: Wait, wait I-I-I-I need the water Jason: Oh hey Blue, how's it going? Jessica: (Laughs) Okay Jason: Oh, thanks for the cup of water– Jessica: UHHH

Jason: My carpet! I JUST PUT THAT DOWN YESTERDAY! Jessica: (Laughs) OKAY! Okay Blue! Pick up the water please! Jessica: Pick up the water! Jason: Uh- I'm really cold now Jessica: Oh, uh, It's okay! Shhhh Jason: Uh Why are you pushing me off the bed?! Jessica: Uh, I didn't mean to push you off the bed! Jessica: Uh, uh, uh!! I'll fix it! I'll fix it! Jason: The room is filling up with water! Jessica: It's okay! Jason: And Flower is crying Jessica: *laughing* Jessica: *still laughing* Blue BLUE Jessica: Okay, alright! It's all good! Jessica: Don't worry Jason, I got this Jessica: Okaaaay, Okaaaaay, Okaaaaaay Jessica: It's all okay, don't worry, it's fine, we're good Jessica: Alright! Okay, guys *laughs* Jessica: Jason I am SO sorry Jessica: A-Alright blue flower Jason: I don't know what to do anymore (Jessica laughing) Jessica: Blue flower it's all goodalright? Jessica: Alight alright Jessica: Alright so you guys did a great job! Jessica: You got me the bucket of water you brought in animals you guys are doing wonderfull! Jessica: But for now uh daddy is really really cold Aphmau: Alright Jessica: So we need we need to go take a nap! Jessica: Okay? Jessica: Can you take a nap? Just a quick nap Alright? Jessica: Okay Alright Cool

Jessica: NO BLUE! Put that away *laughing* Jason: What was that? Jessica: It was nothing, it was nothing Jessica: Okay Guys? Come on Let's go take a nap in your room Alright? Jessica: Give mommy a chance to make the Chicken Noodle Soup Jessica: Cause that would be great! Alright

Jessica: It looks like all the chickens grew up That's wonderful Jessica: Alright Flower into the room Alright

Jessica: You guys can hang out with the chickens Jessica: O-Oh the chickens are gonna take a nap with you

Jessica: So lie down please, with the chickens Jessica: Mommy's gonna go on a small little adventure to find some ingredients Jessica: Uh-Uhm and we'll be fine okay? Alright Good, good, good, good

Jessica: Alright, you guys, take a nap Jessica: *Takes a deep breath* My G- Okay, Alright Jessica: So, Jason I am so sorry about that Jessica:Let me just put this down *giggles* Jessica:I love you Jason: I-I'm just trying to sleep so badly Jessica: *Laughs* I love you! *Kiss* Jessica: Alright Jason: Don't push me out of the bed, please Jessica: I'm not pushing you out of the bed Jessica: *Laughs* I'm gonna close the blinds Jessica: And you can have a nice sleep Jessica: Hey Jason~ Are you awake? Jason: What's up? Jessica: I brought you something nice to make up for— Jason: Yea, you were just here two seconds ago

Jessica: I brought you something nice to remind you of me Jessica: ummm Jessica: So, here we go Jason: Yea Jessica: And Jason: Is that the pot that you broke earlier? Jessica: It's a birch sapling Jessica: Because I know how much you love me :3 Jessica: Please don't do THAT Jessica: I love you~~~ Jason: Where? Its no even there Jessica: Alright! Jason: It's gone

Jessica: I'll put it in the corner, okay? I'll put it in the corner Jessica: There we go That way you won't have to look at in directly Jessica:I know how much you don't like them, but I also Jessica: I love them, so it reminds you of me and it will make you feel better Jason: On my screen, one my screen I can't even see it Jessica: I'm always here with you honey, love you~ Jason: I feel like the texture has been deleted, oh there it is, its back! Aphmau: *Laughs* Jason: NO DON'T DO THIS! Aphmau: What else? What did I need? What was I making? Aphmau:I just forgot, so much has been going on UHHH Aphmau:Let's see, I was making a PASTA Aphmau:Alright, so I need- I'm making pasta so I need dough

Aphmau: Dough is Aphmau:oh Oh OH Aphmau:I got it right, i just picked the wrong thing Aphmau:There we go, there's the dough and then Aphmau:ummm Aphmau:The cream is actually

Aphmau:Actually George is gonna come handy right now Aphmau:I wished that chicken Soup didn't take forever to make Aphmau:uggggh Aphmau:So the saucepan and then the butter Aphmau:uuuuhhh Aphmau:Why is cooking so hard? Aphmau:Oh I need Salt! Aphmau: Right oh this is my perfect chance, alright Aphmau:see Aphmau:Egg and Aphmau:Alright Guys, nap time is over oh! Aphmau:okay! there are more chickens here um

Aphmau:That is perfectly fine Aphmau:Howww Aphmau:Hope you guys had a great nap Aphmau:Okay! So Aphmau:Mommy needs a favor Aphmau:Do any of you guys have a bucket? Aphmau:Any Buckets at all? Aphmau:No? huh Perfect! Aphmau:Wow can I have that? Aphmau:Okay Great alright Aphmau:Thank You Blue, Alright so guys Aphmau:Let's Do Something Nice For Daddy Aphmau:Cause You have been Aphmau:Driving Him Bananas with all this you know Aphmau:He needs to get some sleep Aphmau:So Aphmau:Uh Aphmau:Do you guys wanna do something nice for him? Aphmau:Okay! What do you wanna do? Aphmau:huh oh, You wanna pick up flower for him? Aphmau:Oh! I bet he would love a whole bunch of flowers Aphmau:Alright! How about you guys go pick up some flowers Aphmau:umm then we will get daddy his chicken noodle soup and it's still cooking, Okay? Aphmau:okay alright go pick up some flowers guys, you can leave the chickens inhere, we will deal with the chicken problem later Aphmau:I could use these chickens very soon in a recipe Aphmau:Alright, Don't worry about what I just said though Aphmau:If the chickens are gone when you come back there are whole of them in the farm Aphmau:Go on ,Go on ,I will take care of them Aphmau:Hoof, Okay Aphmau:Should I trust them? Aphmau:ugh whatever It will help me get this thing done faster Aphmau:to the sauce saucepan and the milk Aphmau:uhh oh Aphmau:uhh alright Aphmau:Sauce in saucepan and put the milk in this over here and do this right here and *Weird Noises* salt Aphmau:Alright so now that I got this, I got this Aphmau:I got this and I got the butter Aphmau:Alright, So now that I am done with that, Let's see Aphmau:What else do I need? Aphmau:Alright So that was the most complicated of the parts Aphmau:with a bone uhh or let's see Aphmau:this here, this here, stock , perfect Aphmau: alright, so I got stock, oh I need a carrot Aphmau:Last Ingredient Aphmau:Alright Carrot, right here Aphmau: no Carrot's outside, hey guys! Aphmau:Oh you got flowers good good, one second I need to get one last ingredient okay? Aphmau:One Last Ingredient Aphmau:uhh Aphmau:Do we have any carrots? Aphmau:Yeah, these aren;t carrots, we need one carrot Aphmau:And Blue, do you hava a carrot? Aphmau:You do , thank you, can I have the carrot? Aphmau:Perfect! Aphmau:And don't worry the chickens up are all good, so I am gonna quickly Aphmau: Throw this together and we finally have Aphmau:The ingredients that we need Aphmau: for the ckicken noodle soup and that wasn't an endevour at all Aphmau: Okay! Aphmau:Alright, im ready guys, so let's get daddy our presents Aphmau:And give him this chicken noodle soup Aphmau:Alright, so Flower, you are here and Blue, where did you go? Aphmau:Are you here Blue? Aphmau:Alright perfect , alright you guys go give daddy your presents first Aphmau:And then I will go in and give him the soup Aphmau:There You go Jason: Honey,Get the birchwood outta here, it's been here the entire time Jason: Get it outta here Aphmau:Alright, the children have brought you some things Jason: oh, thank you Jason: I think there is a chicken in the room too Jason: Oh my goodness, how did you sprout? Jason: I like the flower, But I don't like the taste of dirt Jason: oh, it's in m mouth now

uhh Aphmau:Alright Jason: this is so wonderful guys, I have flowers for both of my hands Aphmau:Perfect awww it's raining outside which is fine Jason: My allergies feel great today Jason: and now it's raining Aphmau: Don't worry Aphmau:But Jason, we all worked together to make you some chicken noodle soup Aphmau:it'll help you feel better Aphmau:There you go Jason:wait, what Aphmau:I made you some chicken noodle soup Aphmau:Here Jason: but, did you throw it at me? Aphmau:Yeah, here is your chicken noodle soup Jason: yeah but but I I JasonL don't like soup Jason: I feel like I am getting sicker Jason: Like more sick Jason: Like the sickest but that's just not gonna make me feel better Jason: Don't Hurt me Jason: Look, the rain stopped, isn't it a great wonderful day? Jason: I just, Wanna lie down, I just wanna lie down Aphmau:Eat your soup Jason: You can take your Chicken Noodle soup back Jason: you can take it, what? Aphmau:Eat your soup Jason: I don't wanna eat soup Aphmau:Okay, Fine! Jason: You te the chicken noodle soup in front of a chicken, you are a terrible person Jason: I just wanna sleep Jason: now you are killing things in front of me Jason: and breaking flowers Aphmau: It's okaay, you will be fine, I love you, where did they go? Aphmau:Where did the children go? Aphmau:Why are there so many chickens? Aphmau: Hey guys, Daddy ate the soup Aphmau:He loved it *chuckles* Aphmau:Anyways guys thank you for joining us for this episode Aphmau:And we really appriciate you guys here Jessica: And Jason was actually sick for this episode, so Jason thank you for coming on this episode and being nice

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