Can Animals Help You Feel Better? Aimee Song & Kati Morton | Happy Hour Ep. 1

(soothing music) I would like to adopt all of the animals – Oh my god

– Thank you for coming – He has like your hair color – [Man] I know – Oh my god, meant to be Looks good with your outfit, try it

– Try it on – Hi everybody For this episode of Happy Hour, we are joined by Aimee Song and Teri as part of the Amanda Foundation She is the president of this animal rescue in Beverly Hills Will you tell us a little bit about the Amanda Foundation? – Sure, what we started as is a dog and cat rescue, and after doing that for a very short period of time we realized that we could never find enough homes for them all, and the real goal was to reduce the number of animals that were coming into the shelter, so that's why we started the spay mobile, and what the spay mobile does is it goes to very low income areas and provides completely free spay/neuter service and vaccines, and by doing that we reduce the number of unwanted animals that are born by accident in areas where there are too many animals

– So hey, let's hop inside, and let's see all the wonderful things they do here Show us around – Come on – Let's go little man – One of the nice things about having our own hospital is that we can do things at very low cost for other rescues, so that makes their donation dollars go farther because of surgery like this one at a specialty hospital would have cost about $5,000, and we're able to do it for less than half of that

So this is our We're finished for free for the day, so we're just cleaning up, they're just cleaning up in here, and this is our surgery suite, and that's our digital X-ray machine and our ultrasound machines – And can people who, where the dogs aren't coming from the shelter, like just regular pet owners, can they bring their dogs here to get treated? – Absolutely

– Okay – Thank you on mentioning that because we hope that people will come – And that would help – Yeah, absolutely because the money they would be spending anyway at another veterinarian, spending it here it all goes towards our mission – So if you're in the area, the L

A area, and you need something done with your animal, – Yep – Take it to the Amanda Foundation – I'm gonna bring my Charcoal and Multi in – Yeah

– Yes – I'll bring them, they're sweet – This is why we need a new building You can see where we have no storage – Are you guys trying to move out of here? – Yeah, we will move down the street

The city owns a building that we can rent free here, while we rebuild this, and so we don't have to shut down – Yeah – [Teri] So we'll be okay to keep running, but like I say, we are literally on top of each other – Yeah – And the space reduces the amount we can do because we always have so many recovery rooms

Because we didn't own the building – I'm allergic to dogs, unfortunately, so I have to like wash it off – We've got some super duper anti-allergy – It was worth it though (laughs) – Come on back, we'll show you the kennel

(dogs barking) (soothing music) – So these are all the dogs that have been adopted So sweet, they graduated, yeah And it's just so like surprising, and I feel like a lot of people don't know this, but you can find so many different breeds – Oh I can, any kind – So we've had a wonderful time here at the Amanda Foundation, and like I said, check out all the links in the description so you can find a way to volunteer or donate

Even a dollar make a huge difference, and so something that I find when I'm working with my clients who struggle with depression or even anxiety, they have a tough time getting out of the house Having a dog, somebody that counts on you, can help get us up, get us out, knowing something else cares about us and loves us 'cause dogs have that wonderful, unconditional love that's so wonderful – Yeah, and for me it's super important to have my dogs, especially like despite my busy schedule, like I know that when I get home and I see my dogs, it instantly, no matter how tough my day was, it instantly puts a smile on my face, and they're so nonjudgmental – Yeah – They don't care, they just want to be loved, and they want to like give you love

I have my days where I'm like really sad and depressed and just holding my dogs, Multi and Charcoal, or like walking them, it just releases endorphins, and I just get so calm and like sometimes, yes, I am that crazy person that talks to their dog in a different voice, and I just love walking them because that's like my off moment where I'm just like just me and the dogs, and I think so much, and I'm like I start appreciating my life in a whole other way – Huge thank you to the Amanda Foundation for hosting us today and showing us all the wonderful things they do, and like I said, link in the description because there's so many easy ways to save a life, and every dollar counts, and I would hope that you will consider donating today And big thank you to Aimee for joining me, and make sure you check out her channel because she does everything from her blogs about her wonderful travels to styling by numbers and taking one piece of an outfit and styling it a ton of different ways and talking about her struggles We all struggle, right? We're all in it together – So I hope you guys share this video with your friends, whoever you know, so that like everybody has the heart in them to donate at least a dollar because a dollar goes a long way, and it can be a ripple effect, kind of, you know, contagious, right? – Yeah, and if you are in the area and you're looking for a place to volunteer, it's also a great opportunity for that, and just again, huge thank you to the Amanda Foundation, huge thank you to Aimee

– Thank you so much for having me – Yeah, and we will see you next time Bye – Bye – [Woman] No one will itch my belly, so I'll do it myself

– Oh my god, that's what we're supposed to do You're an independent dog You don't rely on anybody to itch your belly, so just doing it himself Subtitles by the Amaraorg community

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