Transformational Coach Lisa Nichols To Guest: ‘You Have A Right To Move On, But Not At The Expens…

Yesterday I spent the day with Marcus and his three daughters who all say that they feel neglected by their mother, Niki And that she's chosen John over them because she's a gold digger

So today I want to hear Niki's side of the story Hi, how you are you, Niki? Hi You mentioned Marcus turning the kids against you He told the kids many lies about me He'd say I cheated on him for the last three years of our marriage

He'd say; see, there is no God because if there was, your mom wouldn't have left Do you feel you're moving on has been at the expense of the relationship with your daughters? Yeah, yeah It cost us all That divorce cost us all I thought it would be better for them if I get out

As soon as I let, they did not trust me It was heartbreaking So Marcus has a relationship with the girls I am glad Marcus has this, but guess what the cost is of that Me

When we talk about your daughters, what price is Sadie paying? Sadie has filled in the gap And I know damn well when that started It makes me so angry Makes me so angry that she has to do that Angry at who? At her dad

She would not have had to step in if that man hadn't made me homeless When you look at Sylar, what's your fear? I'm afraid she won't like me She won't like me now she don't like me now, she won't like me 100 years from now What's your fear as it relates to Zoey? I feel angry when you talk about Zoey

Zoey triggers you Zoey way triggers me That child has pushed me to a place I did not know I had Yes, I have hit her too hard I have said things out of anger

It makes me feel like a failure You decided to move on You met someone, I think you've officially moved in here Since when did that occur? About two weeks ago About two weeks ago

Do your daughters know about it? No, they don't Well, this is our bathroom So it's officially a his and hers bathroom now Yeah, I guess so You've got all your clothes here

You're here and your children don't even know And the fact that it's a secret, don't you think one more secret is gonna be one more thing that creates a rift between you guys? Yeah, I mean It's a secret, you know this is a secret They know I'm here all the time They don't know this

Right, they don't know the extent of it So it's a secret Wow Can I just say something? Please We knew

I thought you were gonna say you guys were engaged Well that's because you think I'm trying to marry him because I'm a gold digger Well you said you were looking for marriage We think you're trying to marry him because you said that Lisa, you shared some pictures with them

And there was very painful reaction when you showed pictures of Niki on vacation with John and his son What was your perception at the time? It was that the girls, that just felt done that they're not chosen The energy of defeat, we can't give her what she wants She's moved on You have a right to move on, but not at the expense of your daughters

They were invited on that trip before we went That's not the point Did ya'll feel a sense of defeat when you saw those pictures? Yep Skylar, tell me about that When I saw those pictures, I just in my head definitely got; well, I can't give her that so why would she pick us? Do you feel that way? Yeah, I mean I feel like

Sorry Like he's your new family Let me tell you the mistake that your making here And it's not the mistake of living your life It's the mistake of the level at which your engaging here

And there are two ways that you can respond to someone By reflection of feeling, or reflection of content You're ignoring the feeling part of this

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