Which Life Coach Certification Do I Need? (5 Criteria)

Hey do you want a life coach certification for you Not quite sure which one to get

Stick around and I'll give you my honest thoughts based on years and years of experience in the coaching industry Now if you've looked into this before you'll know that there are tons and tons of options I mean literally thousands of coaching certification programs out there But in my opinion there are five main criteria that you should look through So do I call these criteria? Because id I call these criteria, each one is a criterion; the singular and I don't like that

Now I publish new videos every single week on this channel so if you're interested in the conversation around coaching, building a business, becoming a better coach, make sure you subscribe and hit that little bell so you get all the notifications And by the end of this video I'm gonna give you the main criteria I suggest you use to decide which certification program you should invest in I'm Sean Smith the founder of elite coaching university where we give you the skills to be a better coach And the strategies to build a bigger business

After all these years in the industry I get this question asked of me a lot What certification program is best for me if I want to be a successful life coach? Let's talk about it So first of all you need one And if you haven't watched my full discussion video on the four main benefits you're going to get from a good certification program click that link or I'll put the link down in the description as well So the first thing to consider is really the most important one in my opinion and it's not even about the program it's about you

The question you've got to ask yourself is "am I really, truly, committed to becoming a coach?" And the reason this is the one to start with is because whatever coaching certification program you get into if it's a legitimate one it's going to be lengthy it's going to require investments of time, energy, and money And it's not going to be convenient so if you're not really fully committed to becoming a coach save your money it won't matter which one you choose because you won't do it And then obviously if you don't consume and use the program it doesn't matter how good it is, or how many fantastic testimonials it has, it's useless to you because you're not implementing it Now, how you dig into the curriculum and implement what you learn is going to be the most important factor to you becoming a good coach or not And contrary to what a lot of people are searching for the single most marketable factor in you building a good coaching business is your skill set

But on the flipside if you really are serious and committed to becoming a coach then you're going to get something powerful out of just about any program you invest in because you're going to take personal responsibility for your learning And it's not so much about the bells and whistles of the program It's really about your engagement in the program The second consideration is a very simple one Does it teach the tools that you need? I mean let's not overcomplicate this too much; does it give you what you want to do the work that you're committed to do as a coach? If it doesn't give you the right tools then it's not a good fit

And I know that might sound super basic but I'll tell you what a lot of people choose to invest in programs because of the testimonials or because of the website or because of the celebrity status of the trainer and all of that is well and good but if it's not a good fit it's not a good fit it doesn't matter how shiny and seductive the package is It was not practical for you What's the point? So really check into it with some scrutiny look under the hood a little bit and see if it's going to equip you with the tools, and the confidence, and the resources, to make the kind of impact you want to make in the world So if you want to coach high level athletes find a program that teaches a little bit about the psychology of competitive athletes or the physiology what happens to the brain in high stressful, high competitive situations Maybe a little bit about sports nutrition but if you want to help couples create more joy and happiness in their relationships then maybe you want to look into the masculine feminine dynamic, communication styles vulnerability, intimacy, all that stuff as it relates to relationships as opposed to intimacy as it relates to strangers

That's a different topic That's actually that might be a good niche I haven't seen that one before Again the message here is get the tools that are going to help you with whatever work you want to do in the world Now if you don't really know exactly what you want to do specifically but you know you want to get into the coaching industry and maybe get a little bit of traction then just go a little more broad maybe find yourself a general behaviour change sort of curriculum that can be applied to any context

And then once you decide exactly what you want to do obviously get the specialized tools that you'll need at that point and that's totally fine if that's where you are Don't wait until you're 100 percent clear on exactly what you think you're going to do for the rest of your career In order to get started because a lot of times you will ever be able to figure it out until you get started Now a third consideration is something that a lot of people don't pay a lot of attention to but it's really important Does it feel right? We spend too much time on this planet being slaves to our intellect

And while that helps us not get into trouble sometimes and not do things that are stupid It also doesn't allow us to follow your heart when that's the most important thing to do When I got serious about becoming a coach and got certified in NLP, I didn't do a bunch of research and figure out what's the best program I just followed the person that gave me a life changing experience and he wasn't certified by some board or some institution I didn't need that for the trust

I trusted him because he shifted my life I felt it in my body So, if you can, give the program a try Now this is actually something that I had never thought about or considered until I was writing my notes today right before I started filming Whenever possible, see if you can actually experience the curriculum and I'm not talking about the curriculum that you're going to learn to be a coach

I'm talking about experience in the curriculum as a client I mean if you don't really believe in the methodology that gave you a good experience what's the point of learning it And honestly when I came up with that earlier I thought that's a pretty good idea I'm going to start doing that So if you're interested in checking out our program we want to give you a neuro-transformational experience and then you can decide if that's what you want to get certified in I'll put a link down in the description or you can go to coach Sean Smith dot com slash try coaching with a hyphen in between

This is going to be just the sales call is going to be a full on coaching call When you feel something you're like "I want to be able to do that for other people" So on this call we want to give you an actual experience of the Neuro-transformational processes that we teach So in this experience we can help you clarify and identify your biggest goals and dreams and maybe help you set a game plan to achieve them We could help you identify and shift limiting beliefs or values conflicts

We could go super deep and give you some trauma release or neurological release If that's what you need So the bottom line is give it a try If you like the methods and you like the experience great will tell you how to get certified and doing that kind of work with other people and if you don't like it great At least you now know that it didn't resonate with you and you can close that door

And honestly I'm happy to give this to you because I'm not interested in seducing you into a relationship and pulling money out of your wallet If it's not a good fit That's not what I'm about That's not for me You can keep your money if I can't change your life

All right the fourth consideration is are there happy customers? Now this is a big one out there it's probably the main one that people use to decide on the certification program And I totally get it Social Proof is important We don't want to be the guinea pigs right So we want to know that somebody has gone through the program and they have good things to say about it and it actually delivered what it said it was going to deliver

What I would say though is really dig into the details of the success stories I would even reach out to people if you want to to check in with, again, the details of the tools that you want Is it going to give you the skills, the competence, the resources, the support, to do what you want to do in the world And just because a program has 100 testimonials doesn't mean that it's right for you and if a program has no testimonials then you're going to be one of the beta clients That also doesn't mean you shouldn't do it there's nothing wrong with trying a program if it feels right and you think it's going to equip you with what you need

Go for it I mean every great program out there at some point was starting out and had no testimonials so a program doesn't have to be around for years and years, and years, with hundreds of success stories to be valid as long as you put it under the microscope and it looks good It sounds good it feels good do it And finally number five is does it teach general Coaching Concepts? Specialized tools are awesome, but specific tools don't always transfer to utilization And what I mean by that is just because you learn how to use certain specialized tools if you don't know how and when to implement them in the general coaching conversation then how useful are they going to be

When I got certified, for 21 straight days by the way inand speaking coaching, I walked out of that room feeling like I had all these tools at my disposal But it wasn't until I actually got on the phone with people that I realize I'm not sure how to use these things It actually took me several years to get comfortable using the tools in a generalized coaching sense So I spent a lot of my time trying to help coaches understand when to do certain things how to do certain things how to decide on the fly when they use certain tools but also a lot of the bigger aspects of coaching things like how to create rapport, how to set clients up to succeed in between their calls Give them self coaching tools and techniques

How do to know if a client has leverage in the moment for you to be able to do your work or not And then there are practical things like how to manage your schedule or how to block your coaching time to get more effectiveness out of your energy how to take notes on the call and share those notes How to prep the clients before the call So the calls are better So think of the specific modality or methodologies as the engine that give you the skills as the coach we need

But if you don't have the body of the car to put the engine in then how useful is the engine So to recap these five criteria number one Are you even committed to becoming a coach and digging into the program? Number two does it teach the tools that you need to do the work that you want to do? Number three does it feel right to you, Intuitionally? is that a word Intuitionally Number four Are there happy customers and success stories? And number five

is it going to give you the generalized coaching awareness and understanding to actually use the tools that you learned Now once upon a time when people would ask me this question all I could give them were these five criteria about how to decide on a certification program But now I got one of my own

We actually have two certification programs one online and one in person if you want to do the deep work And what I teach is something that I call neuro-transformational coaching that's learning how to change the neurology in people's bodies so that any shifts in behavior can actually last If all we do is play at the surface and teach people how to change their actions through will power without addressing the issues that created the sabotage in the first place It's not going to last We can give them a little bit of progress but eventually they will revert back to whatever behaviors and thoughts and emotions are embedded in their neurology

So, if you're interested in helping people make these foundational and fundamental changes in their neurology and completely transform their lives Check out the online program is called Breakthrough Coaching Certification And of course I'll put a link in the description so I hope this discussion has been helpful for you Please comment below with any thoughts or questions you have about the whole conversation And remember to hop on these new calls that we're doing to actually experience what a neuro-transformation is

If you decide that BCC is a good fit for you, then I can't wait to welcome you into that community and support you in your goals as a coach If you decide if that's not a good fit for you but you want to join the Facebook group called The Truth about Coaching then click the link in the description and we'll support you there Either way, I hope you like this video Let me know by liking and subscribing Feel free to share it with your communities if you have other people that would benefit from the conversation

Thanks for watching Stick around for a few bloopers And I'll see you in the next video **Dance Break** Stay tuned Frickin' Michelle

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