What are the most common home inspection problems?


As a home inspector, I often come across the same problems during inspections. In this blog post, I will list the most common home inspection problems that I have found. By knowing what these problems are, you can be better prepared for your own home inspection.

Roof damage is one of the most common problems

One of the most consistent and expensive causes of concern in home inspections is roof damage. From missing shingles to cracked tiles to structural support elements, a home’s roof must be carefully assessed to ensure it meets the necessary safety and functionality standards. It’s important for prospective homeowners to make sure their inspector thoroughly evaluates the roof and any related chimneys or vents, as not only can improper maintenance or failed repairs expose the homeowner to water damage, but also increase their insurance premiums if not addressed.

Water damage is another common issue

Water damage is a pervasive home inspection problem, often caused by aging roofs or the inadequate sealing of windows and doors. Unfortunately, once water has entered the home, it creates many other issues that can be especially difficult to detect. Panel warping and cracking in drywall are two particular areas that may not always be immediately visible during an inspection but can harbor large repair bills if left unchecked. A future homeowner should always inquire about current plumbing fixtures as well as past water-related incidents when looking to purchase a new home.

Foundation problems are also relatively common

Foundation problems can be a particular nuisance for homeowners, and are especially common in older homes. Cracked or bowing foundation walls, sunken or uneven floors, water pooling around the foundation, and other related issues can all be signs of larger underlying problems with the home’s foundation. Inspection teams of https://theinspectorscompany.com/ are highly trained and skilled in identifying such problems can spot them quickly when professional home inspection services are performed. Keeping on top of these issues early on is an important part of successful home maintenance – the sooner something is spotted, the sooner it can be fixed!

Electrical issues are sometimes found during home inspections

Electrical issues are a common pitfall of home inspections, with outdated wiring in older homes often leading to problems that were unseen during the buying process. An experienced home inspector will be well versed in recognizing and diagnosing such electrical faults, so if you’re buying an older house, it’s worth ensuring they have expertise in the area. Other common issues that can be uncovered include exposed or missing grounding systems, improperly connected circuits, overloaded outlets and panel boxes, inadequate lighting and outside receptacles without weather protection.

Pest infestations are occasionally discovered

Pests can be an unwelcome surprise during a home inspection and unfortunately this is more likely in homes that have been vacant for a period of time. A variety of pests may find their way inside these buildings, such as ants, rodents, and even bedbugs. Of course, preventive measures can be taken; however, when it comes to insect infestations in particular, the most effective method for rooting out the problem for good is to contact a professional exterminator. If pests are discovered during the home inspection, it’s important to take care of them immediately as they can spread very quickly.


Home inspection problems can range from minor issues that are easily fixed to major repairs that will be expensive and time-consuming. The most common home inspection problems include roof damage, water damage, foundation problems, electrical issues, and pest infestations. If you’re buying a home, it’s important to have a professional inspector take a look before you finalize the purchase. That way, you’ll know what kind of repairs or renovations you may need to budget for in the future.


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