Transformational Mindset Coach

There are so many women out there who are looking, who are maybe struggling in their current mindset who may not realise that you can actually shift, pivot, reframe and use your mindset for good Ok, this brings me into what a Transformation Mindset Coach does

And why I even do it I'm all about living unapologetically ok, and that can get people really riled up because it's like "what do you mean? are you selfish?" Does that mean that you just do what you want? And yes, that is exactly what it means It just means just go and do what the hell you want And the reason why that is such a core driver for me is because I, I want to say a few years now, you'll learn that with time, time shifts and travels how I want it to shift and travel You can do that too and you may find that you are someone who does that with time

I want to say a few years ago I reconnected, ok, I reconnected to my power, I reconnected to my calling, I reconnected to my purpose and really what I did was that I started to listen to what I call my 'Soul Whispers' Now your Soul Whispers, some people call them intuition, your gut feeling, that inner voice that is separate to your Self talk ok We'll talk about Self talk later But your Soul Whispers are typically, it's a feeling, it's an energy, it's a thought, that keeps showing up So Soul Whispers are normally the same thing that you are talking to your Self or you're sharing a feeling with your Self since forever

Since you were born ok, those are your Soul Whispers They are where your dreams kind of sit Ok, so a few years ago I was like, ok, something's wrong, you know, my depression was intense I just wasn't happy, I had another business and it just on the outside looked amazing but for me it was killing me, my Soul was dying

And it wasn't until quite often unfortunately we feel like we need to get to that place before we can create change, or before we listen We think we have to get to rock bottom or a version, our version of rock bottom before we can do something So I hit my rock bottom and it was in that space where it always is, where you finally release You finally let go You know where you just let go

And my Soul Whispers appeared They're always there by the way They're not, they don't ever leave you You just drown them out with all the negative Self talk and all the other stuff So when I started to truly listen, right, when I started to just say "you know what, I need to just live life for me, I need to live with purpose, I need to live with passion, I need to be happy again, I need to take those risks to be happy again" ok that's when it all opened up again

Now coaching and mindset coaching I've actually done for 12 – 13 years, on and off Who else has moths at the moment? On and off And it's funny because what you do when you're talking about purpose and calling, and your calling and your passions, you realise that you come full circle and you do what you did years ago Or things that you wanted to do years ago and then you come full, like full circle back to it So when I realised that I want to truly listen to my Soul Whispers and live with purpose and follow my calling it was back to what I had been doing my whole life, basically

In some shape or form And for me it's about supporting Wild Soul women like your Self and I say Wild Souls because not everybody is a Wild Soul And you know that, you know people who are happy doing the 9-5, are happy with the house and the picket fence, and the you know 24 children or whatever it is And the typical normalness of life you know, and maybe they're not happy but they're happy to pretend that they are happy with it ok

So remember there are a lot of people who are pretending to be happy and they're happy to pretend So those are not the women that I align with, they are not the women that I connect with I connect to the Wild Soul women who even if they are living in a current state, so even if you are living in a current state of doing the normal, the what you feel you are obligated to do, whether it's societal obligation, or cultural, you know, religious, just familial maybe But you know deep down inside that you are here for more So those are the women that I connect with, those are the women that like you, that's why you're here, are the ones that are attracted to my messaging and my energy

Ok, so when I just went "that's it, I'm, I am just being me unapologetically", ok when I am truly here to just show up in my power, do what I want, focus on my dreams, you know, live the life that I want to live and quite often that doesn't, I don't necessarily mean that in the way of your literal life where the life that people see Because quite often it's the internal work first right? So when you're doing, when you're wanting to live unapologetically and follow your dreams and all the rest of it it's about doing the internal work, the energetic shifts, the unconscious changes that then are conscious changes ok so that's where I come in, because this is what I absolutely love to do This is where my bliss is because I can easily See You I can truly See that person ok, that you aim to be, want to be, desire to be

The person that you actually are, the Soul that you are, without all of the fluff and stuff you've just piled on top And that has been a gift of mine for forever ok I have random strangers for example share their life story with me and then go oh my gosh I can't believe what I'm telling you, I don't know why I feel like I need to tell you And it's like that's ok, that's my energy right? That's my energy And so all I've done is just align with my true calling with my purpose and gone I just want to help women

I just want women to truly live an unapologetic life, however they see that, however you see it, whatever your dreams are, whatever your desires are, whatever your passions are To actually have the courage to go for it ok So this is what living unapologetically is It's about learning the tools to face your fears, to move beyond your fears, to just ignore them and do it anyway Because our fears hold us, hold us so so close to the ground that we can't breathe, that we don't see what's available to us

And so with my transformational mindset coaching, which is why I call it that You know it's a really naff name, really, but I couldn't figure it out, I'm not a life coach That's not what I do I work alot with women in business, so they come from a business point of view because that's where one of my passions, I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I absolutely love business however I come from a Soul space so I'm coaching you from my Soul to yours And I can see through the bullshit right? And this is not the bullshit that is the typical, what's out there, it's just the stuff that you're telling your Self

Why you can't do somethingor I'm really happy Belinda, I like doing what I'm doing when I know that you don't and that's what I connect to

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