Three tips to help heal your gut & feel better with endometriosis

Hi, Peace with Endo community! How are you today? Thanks for taking the time to watch the replay of this video If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop them in the comment section below

I always check back on those when I'm done If you are new to the page, my name is Aubree Deimler I am an author and wellness coach who helps women with endometriosis to naturally manage pain, increase energy, and find peace with endo I wanted to chat a little bit today about a key part of your body when it comes to naturally healing your body, which is your digestion Nearly 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract

So, it's very important to strengthen up this system so that you can strengthen up your immune system so that your body has a better chance at healing itself So, I wanted to share with you three tips today on how you can strengthen up your digestion, and start to feel better overall In addition to improving your immune system, when you strengthen up your digestion then a lot of the symptoms that can come along with endometriosis are relieved as well If you're struggling with bloating or having the endo belly, right? If you can relate to that drop me some hearts This all comes back to the strength of your digestion

So when you strengthen up this system you're going to feel better with those symptoms and everything that's in your pelvic cavity is so close together, including your gut, so when your gut is inflamed it's also influencing your reproductive organs and vice versa Everything's so close everything's so close together in there, right? So, the first thing, the first tip is that your digestion actually starts in your mouth, with your saliva, with chewing your food

So, this is something that I always have to be mindful of, because I am a busy person, right? Like most of us, and really putting focus on eating your food undistracted and actually chewing your food So, rather than taking just a few bites, actually putting it in your mouth, and chewing it thoroughly When you chew your food, you're sending a signal down to your stomach that food is coming So, the first thing is to slow down and actually chew your food If you are watching me live today go ahead and say hi

If you're watching the replay type replay in the comments I love to know who's here joining me So, that's the first thing Make sure that you're slowing down and actually chewing your food That has such a big impact on your digestive tract

When you don't fully chew your food then stuff's going in undigested so you get big chunks of food that go down into your gut, and then it can get stuck in there, right? So, if you have these big chunks of food and then they get stuck in your gut and that can cause a lot of problems So, that's the first thing is to make sure that you're chewing your food The second thing when it comes to strengthening up your digestion is eliminating any foods that may be problematic that are harder for your body to digest So, the primary foods that fall into this category are going to be wheat, or dairy, soy, and corn, and eggs So, those are the most common food sensitivities and they are a sensitivity because it's harder for your body to break down those foods

So, if you can give your digestive system a break from eating all of those foods then you lower down the inflammatory response, and you start to feel better A lot of ladies do feel better when they cut out these foods I know I definitely do So, pay attention if you are still eating these foods, and you have different symptoms that come up So, if you're feeling bloated or if you're feeling tired or if your feeling

if you get a headache So, I talked a little bit last week about the lymphatic system, and your lymphatic system actually also lines your digestive tract So, if you've got inflammation going on in your intestines it's also influencing your lymphatic system

So, and I mentioned last week that we have different drainage points of the lymphatic system in your arm pits, down in your reproductive area, but they also found that there's another drainage point up in your near your brain, up in your head So if you are eating any of these foods and you get a headache afterwards that's because they're influencing your lymphatic system

So, pay attention to these foods, how you feel afterwards and if you haven't already it's very helpful to cut these foods out Now by cutting them out you're giving your digestion a break, but it isn't getting to the underlying cause, which is actually strengthening up your system So, you can still have a weak digestion, cut out these foods, you may feel better for a little bit, but if your digestion is still sluggish then you're not necessarily going to feel better for a longer period of time So, that's tip number two, which leads me into tip number three, which is to strengthen up your stomach acid So, your stomach is the next stop, right? After you eat something, after you chew your food, it's going down and getting digested by your stomach

So, your stomach acid plays a huge role in this It's what's going to break down your food, and allow that food to actually be assimilated So, to pick up the vitamins and minerals that you're eating and to allow that in and of itself helps your body to heal So, there are different ways that you can strengthen up your stomach acid One of the best ways that I have found is again one thing that I recommend all the time, which is fresh, organic celery juice

If you do this in the morning, on an empty stomach, before you eat anything, after you have water in the morning, of course The celery actually strengthens up your stomach acid So, I've been doing this for about a year and a half in the mornings, and my digestion is so much stronger than it used to be A lot of foods that used to bug me don't bug me anymore by juicing the celery in the morning There are other ways also that can help you strengthen up your stomach acid

Ginger Ginger is another one that can help Also apple cider vinegar, taking like a tablespoon in some water and drinking it 10 to 15 minutes before you eat can help stimulate stomach acid and also in general just drinking water like 10 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes before you eat something, because it's kind of like lubricating things and getting things going in your stomach So, you don't want to actually drink water while you're eating because that dilutes your stomach acid, but if you can drink it beforehand So, a good 10 – 15 minutes before you eat

That can help And there are different factors that can lessen your stomach acid, which are good to be aware of as well If you're taking any type of pharmaceuticals, any type of over the counter pain medications like Ibuprofen or Tylenol or Advil or anything like that All of those things are gonna decrease your stomach acid Any type of toxins, pesticides

So, be mindful of that, and the big one is stress Stress actually lowers down your stomach acid So, it's important when you're eating your food to make sure that you're not feeling stressed, and try not to eat if you're rushed or you're in a hurry or you have any type of emotional state like that going on because that puts your body more in alert and it's not focused as much on digesting your food So, pay attention to that So, those are my three tips that I have for you today

Just to review The first one to help strengthen up your digestion is to make sure that you're chewing your food Digestion starts in your mouth It starts with your saliva mixing around with your food So, make sure you slow down and fully chew your food that is something that I have to be mindful of all the time

The second tip is to avoid these problematic foods that can cause inflammation in your gut that are harder for your body to digest So, things like wheat and dairy and soy and corn and eggs All of these foods that really tend to be aggravators for endo as well And the third thing is to strengthen up your stomach acid So, there are certain ways to do that

Again, the celery juice, ginger, apple cider vinegar, making sure you're not drinking water or any kind of drinks while you're eating, but doing that 10 – 15 minutes if you can drink water before you eat So, those are the three tips that I have for you today Again by focusing on your digestion you're improving your immune system and you're going to feel better overall with endo This really is the ticket to healing your body, and feeling better And I also wanted to mention when it comes to the stress part of things I did put together a new meditation that's available

It's a meditation for pain So it just helps you use your breath to help calm things down Hey Kelly thanks for watching Hey Cecilia Thanks for joining me

So, if you want to download the new meditation I'll drop a link to it in the comments I also updated the banner on the main page if you go over to Aubree Deimler – Peace with Endo you can download it there It's a quick seven minute meditation to help use your breath to direct that to calm down inflammation, to calm down pain, and just use this again to help strengthen up your gut, right? Stress is such a big part of this So, I hope that this was helpful for you If you do need further support from me I am now offering Power Hour Coaching Sessions

So you can meet with me for an hour to get advice, to get direction for you, and also to do some type of breathing and energy work to help reduce stress and calm things down in your body So, I'll drop a link to that as well Thank you all for joining me today I hope this was helpful I hope it served you, and I'm sending you all so much love

We'll talk again soon Bye for now

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Feeling Better tips

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Feeling Better tips

Feeling Better tips

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