The Xilinx Journey to Transformational Learning | Sarice Plate at Degreed Lens 2017

Let's get started Welcome to Springboard of Change

Today is done in Xilinx now I will talk about change Thank you for your participation in Degreed LENS As you know, in the world Destructive change is occurring Many people believe that changes in the digital world Impact on business I am trying to know This is not necessarily from inside the HR It is not change

Today, about the world of new learning I would like to talk Mind shift, skill, How to approach learning technology, I will talk about learning strategies and others Many people, for this new way of learning I am trying to figure out how to work on it Today, Xilinx We are inviting Sarice Plate Sarice, in the Xilinx talent division He is a senior director

Susie Lee will endeavor the host I am at Degreed I lead the customer engagement department Mr Sarice, thank you for today Guest: Thank you for inviting me

Host: Sarice recently, I was awarded the Brandon Hall Award This is due to Xilinx's organizational change Mr Sarice's achievement It has been approved Congratulations on winning the prize Host: Sarice, The Xilinx learning platform What was it like Please tell me first

Guest: About two years ago When I joined Xilinx, Fundamental reforms Needed It was state A little in advance I was getting information, Entering Xilinx First of all, It is to attract talent It is about adoption, fixing, nurturing and so on When I joined, in Xilinx, A change in the sales department was taking place It is a change of business model of sales department

For this, it is necessary to review the skills We also need to learn new skills To do this, I focused on the scope of my responsibility Learning and internal capacity development, And how to attract talent Is it possible to win a talent? That is one factor Another factor is that before joining Xilinx, I have been in the L & D program for several years It was a little involved

So, in the L & D department Revamp the brand, I was also given the opportunity to recruit people I talked with all the leaders of the company At this time, what is most concerned, What do you think L & D should focus on first, I asked about Of course, It is also a matter of management and skill development For this, for the manager In addition to enhancing employee skills, It is required for the team's ability development Tools and resources You need to provide it

Establish an employee There is also need As I mentioned earlier, The third element, Trends in the learning industry To technology for learning It is communicating The situation of the learning industry is changing Everyone has a mobile phone, Technology is very It is progressing rapidly Today, the way information is consumed It is changing drastically

So, such changes and, How people learn, How people use content It is necessary to consider I started with these three elements Host: Great! What was the state of the learner at this point? Guest: Immediately after I joined the company, My team, by chance, Employee's Engagement study I was left to do At this time, from employees I also gathered voices The participation rate of employees in this survey, It was 90 percent

And, honest opinions from employees I was able to gather Employees will be provided with new learning, In other words, you can access learning content more easily, He says he wants to learn various contents A clear message was obtained While employees develop immediate job skills, Staying in the front line, increasing your own value, In order to be a human being needed in the workplace, We need to develop new skills I feel it This survey revealed these things We further examined it using data, It is necessary for change It became clear

It is a survey that went to the end In this survey, people who actively learn Engagement is high, motivation is high, I am willing to contribute to the organization, It turned out that productivity was also high So also for the establishment of excellent employees We need to provide good learning Taking all these factors into consideration, I realized that fundamental reform is needed So make a compelling story, With the executive team, It was popularized in a social way

Host: Great! For business case Which is the most convincing factor? Guest: With the next slide I will talk about modern learners In our survey, Investigation by Bersin by Deloitte I referred it Recent employees are distracted, It is clear that it is short-lived This depends on technology It is due to influence Also, recent students, While learning from experts, I also would like to learn from colleagues and managers

Control your own ability development yourself I also want to do This was clear in the engagement survey Employees easily access content I understood that I am seeking a method (Please return to the previous slide) We made a strategy based on this In addition to learning that is simply provided timely, For easy access to learning, What kind of solution should I provide? Use collaboration, Personal network and work network To provide an environment that can be utilized I thought about what to do

The whole concept of this empowerment, Engagement and It is very strongly related Today's employees, To develop your own skills by yourself I would like to take responsibility So, all this It is necessary Host: I think this is very important Learning of traditional old ways, It was a top-down command & control formula

With this method and The balance with the learning method that employees want is How are you taking? Guest: You must have that Even for 3 days I do not want to sit in the classroom Host: In considering a new learning method, The most important element is I think that it is a reset of mind To attract employees' minds, What did you do? Can you tell me? Guest: What I mentioned earlier, that is Based on the fact that the situation has changed, To meet all these needs, Such as bringing competitive advantage to the company It was necessary to make a strategy With the executive, Company's own skills and Build a resource Necessity was discussed

As a learning department Branding our presence, It was necessary to spread it Employee's work and what we offer The relevance to learning, Effective learning methods It is necessary to show it We thought of a brand message "Empowered learning" "Learner-led", which means that the learner himself, It is to decide the learning pass according to yourself It is to decide your future yourself

This is personalization, It is also an employee's journey I used a focus group at this time As I said earlier, this is the business side It is necessary to involve I will unite my feelings with the business side, You need to get support Especially to secure training budget Always comes with difficulties

This includes business cases and A use case is required And introduced Degreed Degreed, It is a wonderful partner For example, I mentioned earlier During the change of sales department, As soon as I saw Degreed The value of the platform I was able to understand When reviewing your skills, how it I was instantly able to understand if it would be useful

In the sales department, SharePoint and I am using spreadsheet software Degreed quickly gets knowledge and skills As soon as you join the company you are familiar with the company, It helps to adapt to a new model Degreed believes that we think business case, To propose our strategy It helped Host: Engaging stakeholders, It is very important for success It is not a conventional way of thinking, I used digital technology Doing change, What is important when causing destructive change is, L & D is to use marketing techniques

Whether you are a learner, Whether on the business side, Whether it is HR or HR, Whether it is L & D, To engage a person, Value Proposition Clearly, Position it properly, It is necessary to encourage true change This is important to everyone Everyone here is already traveling (learning) Those are the first time, I think some people are considering it This is a very important aspect Guest: It is true

Host: As a tactic, What kind of things worked well? I think that this is very important This turns on the SAS platform, Everyone will comment on you It is not like praying Specifically, what kind of things did you do? Could you tell me? Guest: Okay, our I will introduce a secret a little This is because we are spreading It is one of used slides We are against the business group I worked

Initially, the driving force from the business side Getting it is important In spreading such a tool, You need to earn budget and approval I went to the manager, How to use that tool, How to use it as a manager I also need to ask In this slide, Engage individuals, Learning by collaboration, Engage teams, With this platform Such as internal content and external content, Shows how to access the Learning Ecosystem It is prepared for Degreed simply It is not a new eye-catching tool, Tens of thousands of results with Google Do not need to decrypt It is an extension function

Degreed evaluates content, By sharing, Make it easy to find high quality content It is for Based on this idea We introduced Degreed Employees use this system to interact Degreed, both our existing in-house system It is integrated Host: People of various ages in the company, Thinking about digitization etc

I think that it is important However, as a practitioner of learning, In-house content, that is developed internally Just by providing content, It is not enough That is because learners prepare for that It is because it is not involved Guest: That is what I'm doing already Host: How to make all contents Did you collect it in one place? Guest: Already like that Sharing is going

Host: As I mentioned earlier, To do this, trust an employee It is important to understand About marketing earlier I told you, To this, Treat employees as customers, Employee profile We need to understand By extracting such information, Think in the context, We must make use of the relevance It has no meaning Guest: Yes Host: About the pathway here I would like to talk a little

The pathway gets information Perform curation It is a good way to do Guest: That's right As I mentioned earlier, To promote the use of such tools, Management involvement is important That's why we Introduced Degreed, This new state-of-the-art technology In addition to urging people to use it, That's the Xilinx competency I wanted to be the foundation And, To become a truly good manager Improvement of important skills and abilities, It needs to lead to change in behavior

So, first of all, I made a framework This is our six basic competencies To our company, it is very solid There is a comprehensive competency set This is the foundation of duties and roles This is at the top level of the whole organization

This is required of the leader It is six basic competencies This is because the director of the talent department I thought about organizing a small team It corresponds to competency here Behavior is described Also required for each competency Skills are also defined This framework, in this way It was created

As a management and capacity development solution It was kicked off Together with this new learning strategy and Degreed, It becomes three legs In kicking off, About each basic competency We have created a detailed pathway This is a competency-based approach, I will work from 3 directions This is a competency-based approach

When focusing on manager role, Across all competencies, What kind of behavior does the manager have It is indicated whether it is expected or not This means that you achieve results, To lead business, It is to support the development of other people's abilities In this way, each of these pathways, All competencies It straddles in the horizontal direction The manager goes in a deep direction, You can choose to go in a wide direction In this way, I made a pathway in advance

Curated, We made it available for publishing There are lots of work to do in advance It was necessary But this is because the manager Using this new strategy with a new tool, Immediate action, To associate it with competency It was necessary This is to be successful as a manager It is necessary The third element of the pathway approach is It is customization

I will also use examples of sales here These people are our It is the first customer In our pilot program, I made a custom pathway Use existing content, You can add your own content, By adding content from others, It is required for a new role of sales I created a pathway There is a three way approach to this

This is three different to the pathway It is a slide that I used to explain the approach Host: This is a wonderful thing There are various things in this kind of design There is, This is really convincing The nice thing about the world of new learning, It is not necessarily the role of L & D It is not limited New technology In utilizing it, Business partners and SME, Other departments of the company, You can help

However, in this framework, Learners and business partners, I want to work on it soon It is relevant Guest: In our performance review, Competencies are taken into consideration Association of career development and competency, Although not done so clearly, About the talent management strategy As I mentioned, this is For all employees, This is a way to connect points with lines What kind of behavior is required, The method for that is clarified If you need to develop something ability, I clearly understand what to do

Host: That's right But I think it was hard to engage customers The director of my acquaintance, Readiness of this phase succeeds It says it is indispensable it is really amazing You worked Guest: There was worth the effort

Host: Can you introduce the highlights? Guest: I was thinking of showing a different slide Pathway concept, It was a big change for employees It is said that change of mind set There was a hurdle Employees already I was doing the same thing Similar products It is circulating

Guest: That's right We used this to create a learning pass Our work, It is to develop other people's abilities For example, for a pathway for a manager, In each mode suitable You can learn Those who read books and articles Some people can learn well, Video or TED talk is better Some people can learn well

From the pathway, to all such resources You can access it Also, more than one million free resources It can be used immediately This is your profile I will be recommended based on my interests However, due to direct interaction Learning is also necessary So, in advance we It was a little I did a workshop

That's what "MDS Workshops" is written here Actually, it is about 3 hours workshop This is organized by the HR department, Depending on leaders and instructors With the support of the leaders It was done This covers specific topics, Have them actually use the pathway beforehand, On the workshop it's about I did a discussion We introduce all functions little by little, Show me this slide, What is a pathway explained

Host: Thank you for sharing Knowing the state of actual utilization, I think that it is very worthwhile Next, change management, marketing, Topics on software aspects such as recruitment I want to move on As L & D, new technologies and New strategies, their promotion, How should I go These aspects can not necessarily be done naturally

But this is an important and essential aspect What did you do at introduction, Can you tell me? Guest: It is here that before the tool is released I did it at the time of publication I think that this is done anywhere, We worked on the company as a whole At first, what is going to be done I focused on informing the manager We have a large pilot program Implementation, taking sufficient time, To work well confirmed

First we implemented a small pilot program, Next, a large scale involving more than 250 employees We also did things It took four weeks for each of them Through this, employees A new system actually I was able to use it At this time, checklist for introduction is prepared, This includes where and where to do, Profiles and plug-in settings, Various things are shown Also, as a manager's pathway, I prepared the MDS pathway I told you earlier

We will open a situation briefing meeting as appropriate Ask the situation, test our brand, We talked about how to advertise Learn how it helps employees Think of ways to show, create content, I made a communication plan As a result of doing this, Truly building a continuous learning culture, To make a change, We need to invest in everyone I learned that It will not work if you do it each time Sharing and recommendation are active actively, Managers create learning groups, Learn what other people are learning Using tools to investigate, To make you interested in specific things, All the functions all employees I wanted to be able to use it

If you look at this slide and you know the order of the process think Host: Branding and communication, Engagement of stakeholders etc It is required for success It contains all elements It's a great introduction strategy In this case, the customer (employee) I am working day by day, Time is limited, too

Everyone, like this very much Carefully planned You would want to adopt an introduction method This is because of the "drip type" Approach, I think this is a serious thing The value to bring to customers, Make the utmost value as quickly as possible I think that it is to make it available Introduction We implemented a pilot program, We introduced it to the whole organization after that, This is because it involves major change Learning by a new method, a new mind set, Looking for a new way of engagement You need to urge your employees

L & D needs to do this I think that this slide is very wonderful Guest: I think that I could not have done without Degreed Host: This is my From past experiences As can be said, Having the right partner It is very important Many people talk about vendors and customers, After all, It is indispensable for promoting change, I think that it is a partnership

Host: In the installation process, What kind of communication strategy was taken Can you share it with everyone? What you actually did Introduce some I think that you would like Guest: I am well, Asked about the number of people in my team, Whether it was hard to do all these things, Everyone had to rotate full I will be told When I started this, it was a team of three people Today, there are seven people including me Among them, There are very strong members, We do not necessarily endow such members

This person, I am about the brand Please encourage me to think well, He gave me lots of wonderful ideas At this time, we learned how to raise the effect "X" We, our learning strategy I thought that I would like to branding, Degreed is itself a very powerful brand So, do not confuse themselves with Degreed It was necessary The tool is our strategy, The tool is to realize our strategy

So we, on top of the tool, I needed to make my face visible Furthermore, its effect is raised exponentially (X-th power) Infinite learning and growth It must be realized Also, the mathematical idea of ​​"X-th power" We called empathy of our technical staff This "X-th power" is for Xilinx We will do all this We launched it as one powerful brand

Learning-driven learning concept, The idea of ​​a path (path) to the future, How it helps learners It is also an indication Differentiate themselves, To make it look attractive, Usually, it is done to the outside, We need to do this internally There is a picture of "brain" on the slide We call this "juicy brain" This is because the brain is activated It is a representation of appearance

Many people liked this picture I did various other things Using video, etc To connect our activities and employees I did various activities Make a video talked about by the department head of HR, On the actual introduction date, Cube type drop We distributed it

How to adapt to new tools Because it takes a little time, You need to try it or try navigating So give out reference cards, How to start using it I tried to understand We also did a flashy event And until it gets used completely I waited for about 2 weeks This was a big deal

The concept of lifelong learning, It is very important As a result of ongoing learning, A real change will occur in the company We will use this It must be done in a way that is exciting So a fancy event is also necessary We have 15 parties all over the world It was held on the same week

In this party, employees actually Try to log in and perform a demonstration of the actual type, Experts assisted We did a lot of other entertainment such as a lottery I did this kind of thing, That is important To show that there is support from above, Executive participated in all sessions All the executives log in, Employees can follow it It is necessary

I really did a lot of things This is marketing Host: That's right New technologies and In a world with destructive change, The role of L & D is changing There are many things to learn from marketing

Just by introducing products and entrusting it to employees It is not enough As with consumer partners, Bi-directional with employees Communication and, It is important to establish a brand The employee is a consumer Consumer engagement and behavior Understanding is very important Guest: It worked well in our case

This is because today's learning experts, Talent acquisition, etc I think that it is necessary for almost all duties Now, the sense of marketing It is an era that is needed I need marketing skills Host: When you return the story back to marketing, Here are three important elements It is occurring

To talk to a new customer, A function as marketing is required There is a curator at L & D The concept of L & D has always been Instruction designer I have made it But this is a bigger story, David later on, data I think we will talk about Data Analytics, This requires a different viewpoint Data is an important component in the learning world

Branding, Communication, Marketing etc A lot of eye-catching lots You need to do things Also, I think it is important to celebrate success These things were also done Guest: Because we had Degreed, We prepared a dedicated table for Degreed, I gave out Degreed's socks

Host: Through this You are building a brand Well, I've talked about a couple of times before, Simply introducing tools, Just leaving it to an employee will not work This is no longer a problem with technology A consistent business strategy is important And technology realizes that

Marketing communication strategy It is important to use However, it is easy to forget, What happens to the program in the future, It is how to keep using it about this Can you tell me? Guest: Fun things, That is not the end Furthermore, the accelerator was stepped on We, in a short time, this tool To be used by many people I was surprised

Although this was as expected, In a good way, It exceeded our expectations However, by actual introduction I have to do a lot of things, There are also things you should not stop there I knew it In order to strengthen the use and maintain the usage rate, I need to do a lot of things We are tracking the target standard value Host: What is the reference value? About some of them Can you tell me? Guest: (I can not see it well because there are no glasses) Regarding the program, we I did a few things

Make intuitive easy-to-understand pathways, A method document I made it And as a service it It offers My team, Consult with the business group, I made a pathway This is one Also, as I said earlier, Management · Capability development solution Roll out, I did a workshop first

At the moment Phase 2 workshops are taking place This is a workshop to explore even deeper Also in this case, the leader / instructor, Facilitate small groups Learn this with someone, To discuss topics of interest deeply It is a workshop on that This is for fixing the concept

In our daily habits, We need to incorporate this idea of ​​change It is necessary to make it DNA This program supports and Communication is done, Show how-to, It is for remind I will let you continue using video etc In addition to this, "leadership voice" To engage senior leaders There is also a program

Because the leader has backed it up, I use Degreed Even though we recommend books, Do not stop there Leaders can use concepts and actions Capturing opportunities to strengthen, In a way trusted by people, I need to show it To this there is a leader I need to believe in what I say Talking in such a way as to strengthen it, You need to make it stand out Change in this way It is brought

We are always thrilled Staff members of this program are also available Host: It is very passionate It is wonderful Business strategy and Business goal, Let's see the results on engagement

Guest: Degreed introduced at the end of November, In the first 6 months (December to May) 85% of all employees I started using Degreed 85% of people logged in This is surprising To those who have not used Degreed yet Although I pay attention, This was a satisfactory result Although it is stable, It is increasing little by little

Host: It is a wonderful achievement Guest: We have completed the learning activities Tracking is also starting More than 44 thousand studies have been completed, More than 94,000 topics are recommended With Degreed, "Did you read this article?", "I think I'm interested so I will forward this" I receive e-mails constantly from friends and colleagues This is among a lot of people It will be done

Comment on it, Evaluation can be attached These things It is done in a wide range The happiest news is, It is that our management team is very interested Business needs of management It was made to meet There are over 80 custom pathways From the beginning to the business context So what you could make, I think that it was a big success factor

Degreed seemed useful Also, I was able to meet the needs genuinely We did not recommend it from our side, They asked them that they needed it Host: Great! this is, It is not the result of one time measurement, It is a result of ongoing measurement Guest: That's right

Host: When I talked with MasterCard Janice yesterday, Using data to further increase engagement said I mentioned that "little by little" To do additional communication little by little, Have you adjusted the new program? Guest: We made a dashboard This can be shared with business partners, With a business leader It is for sharing With this, at meetings and so on You can have a chance to talk We do a brand campaign I won the Brandon Hall Award

As a technology innovation in the learning field This is a very happy thing We share this information inside the company, I was able to create a pride as a company Host: You are right It is almost time for the end to come, To everyone here, A small card with questions written I think that it is dealt Tell us what you thought by listening to today's story I hope you share it

Here, today Sarice shared it I would like to look back on key points First of all, we make relationships with business, It is to promote change You can not do this with L & D alone So partnership throughout the organization Building is very important In addition, Sarice makes strategy very clear It was defined

I think this is really important This does not respond to what has happened, How to approach your learning strategy We need to think carefully Then, from the early stages It also needs to be involved This is when you introduce Degreed It is a problem that everyone hits Stakeholders in their efforts Engaging is really important

And brand Regarding the marketing and communication strategy, Today, I talked a lot It is also important to clarify future plans From now on, Participants asked questions, I would like to take time to share ideas About the previous question card I think that it is okay to share ideas

Listening to today's session, What actions do you want to take in the future? I think you can talk about it here you go Host: I can use power Guest: I got a painful place What should I say?

There was resistance This was tough Not just business, There was also resistance among the HR team In the early days, the department of yourself It is important to gain understanding and approval think

Even if you agree, People in the field, Especially business partners, Not necessarily what we are doing I do not necessarily know well When we rolled out, Such people did not participate I think now that there was another way I gained approval earlier, I think I was able to get involved If these people were not involved It is not to say

Communication and From a strategic point of view, These people need to be involved as well I think there is If so, I think that there was little anxiety Host: As a result of change I think that will become To this, Stakeholders are involved at an early stage, It is necessary to gain its support

I fully understand your feelings Host: Do you have any other questions? here you go Guest: At us, the turnover rate is that much It was not a problem In the first place, the turnover rate was low It has been a year since introducing Degreed, Because it is in the early stage, The correlation with these things, I will consider it from now

For the moment, I have just started, Business partners' It cooperates with us What we need to pay attention to is, It is performance improvement The people who worked on specific learning I know that the behavior is changing These things, Although I'd like to continue to measure it, To tell something about it I think that it is too early Software world etc

, Although the competition of skills is intensifying, By this, Retirement will occur I think this will increase in the future For the moment, Employee engaged about it Interns entered this summer, These people, very much Degreed Favorite, About the experience I was talking From now on, Measure about new hires, Measure on interns, Measure on employees, About managers involved in investigation It can also be measured

By the net promoter score, How satisfied are the employees? You can also know But this includes Degreed's introduction anniversary It is necessary to wait until it comes Thank you for a good question Host: Yes, please Guest: What went well, It is that employees can choose it

It is that learning has been carried out voluntarily Depending on the organization, it is required for a specific role Learning is pushed, You will be instructed to learn a specific pathway I think there is However, Degreed, According to your interest level setting, Since curation is done automatically, Content suitable for me is fed daily What is displayed are: Because it is 5 to 10 pieces, it will not be overwhelmed Log in to Degreed and search results For future reference You can save it

In such a mechanism Tired of people I have never heard of it My profile If it matches personal interests, A disgusting list To feel like sending every day I do not think so Host: I do not advertise Degreed, Degreed includes individual curation, Organization curation, machine curation, There is a function for pure curation Together, if you You can find relevant content Also, leaving control to employees, You can also search by yourself

So not necessarily Curation there is no need Host: How often do you want to be notified You can personalize it Not necessarily receive notification every day, It can be done once a week There are also many ways to filter Host: Next person please

That's a good question Guest: A really good question Although it is a question that the time of employees is limited, According to our engagement survey, Employees, Without enough time thinking about The manager has not enough budget, Subordinates for training What leaves the workplace for a long time I believe it is undesirable So, there is also a need to change the mind set

Depending on the region, There are further concerns I, India and I went to Singapore, What I have heard in the United States is, The situation greatly changed How I am in this situation As for coaching, first of all, To management and capacity development solution I made a manager involved This is an effective way If you join the manager to the program, You can understand its value, We will try to make employees use the tool

This is one way The other is to coach leaders I went around various regions Over the last two years, I did around the world about 2 laps And how to learn I talked about how to support it

Employees learn in various ways Using mobile phones, learning during breaks, Before going to work, drinking coffee, Read articles, I will find something So, for employees to learn I need to be able to make time However, when you are learning at work, I have to work properly If you think Some people are concerned So, one of the methods we recommend, An employee goes somewhere every week Accepting to learn, For example, from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock on Friday, It is time to create a time zone that you can learn

In this way, You can learn with confidence To be able to learn with confidence It can support It is necessary With Degreed, what employees are doing, You can grasp what you completed Rather than being censored, Encourage employees to learn, What did you learn, by that It is for knowing the behavior changed Host: As a supplement, Now, many customers, I am releasing my learning

As for what this is, Outside the company firewall Employees have access to learning That there is opportunity to learn outside the company I think that it is important Guest: Please I felt in Singapore, The site leader team there, It was a very strong supporter There you have enough learning opportunities Because I could not get it, It seems that he always wanted to get training

Also, according to Indian leaders, I do not mean that learning is not important, Some articles are displayed on the PC screen, When people can see where they are learning, It means that I do not think so much At least as a leader's role model It seems that it is not good That's why we turned over this situation For us to make a change, Such behavior as a role model I said that it is necessary to show it Then, employees learn with confidence, What you are learning He casually told me to talk, Increase engagement level

For Indian groups, Coaching, I needed a conversation for mindshare Host: Please give me another question Guest: Although I did not introduce it here, In planning, To understand quantities and relevance There is a long list The destination of this transformational journey, It is in integrating learning and work Learning becomes part of work

This is not just a daily habit This is part of my daily work By learning, Productivity and performance improvement In return, The manager can also grasp it We planned such things Host: Strategies for introduction Please introduce from the beginning stage, I was able to know that fact

People who started a similar journey, For those on the way, I think that it will be a great reference Mr Sarice, thank you for today From today's story, Some points Could you please look over back? Guest: As I was told in this previous session, Aware of business and business context, With the support of the business side, Link learning to business needs It is important As we did in Xilinx, Learning becomes your own, True learning was done, Learning needs to be their own culture

Although I introduced Learning Technology, I also hear stories about companies that did not work But in Xilinx, it worked It is preparing for that, Make something useful for fundamental reform I prepared it We encourage employees to be interested in learning, I showed the roadmap This will show you how great it is in the future Whether it happens, we showed how we could be

Why do I have to do that? I showed why lifelong learning is important We also support executives I installed it from the beginning stage Host: Thank you A valuable experience for everyone here thank you for sharing Sarice continues To your question at the lounge It answers

Since drinks etc are also prepared, I can relax and listen to stories To everyone, Today's slide is also offered Thank you for your time today

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