If you listen and take action chances are you're going to dramatically change your life What is your dream? Each and every single one of us has dreams We all know they are achievable because we've seen so many other people before us turn theirs into reality Or any dream you have whether it's sports business Inventions music acting you name it There's an expert in that field and you can take the exact steps they did because success always leaves clues Do you think you can accomplish your dream? I know it sounds like a cliche, but if you don't believe in yourself No one else will If you don't believe in yourself now choose to do so because it's just a matter of choosing and it's as simple as it sounds Choose to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance Because this is the only way you can start the process of turning your dream into reality Stop asking around for other people's opinions because not everyone will have the same vision as you and maybe they don't believe in the same Thing as you simply because they chose to believe in something else But that doesn't mean what you want for yourself isn't possible It is possible! There are so many examples in this world of people that face the same problems as you have but that didn't stop them On the contrary it motivated them even more If you believe in yourself, and you think you can turn your dream into reality Then what's stopping you? You will never feel ready, and you will never have all the resources But what you need to understand is that you simply have to start where you are right now

You just have to start! And once you do that you will see for yourself What it is that you need You will learn from your own mistakes And you will see what works and what doesn't and soon you'll start getting momentum and this may be the most important thing Once you have momentum you will be able to stop and everything will seem easy even if things might get tough sometimes You won't think of them as tough because you will have growing more confidence and nothing will stop you You will make progress, progress will make you happy, happiness will help you do more and be more And once all of this becomes second nature to you you will be one of them You will be successful And people will want to be like you and you will try to help and to motivate them by giving them the same advice all successful people give And they won't turn your words into action because they won't believe in themselves They will believe they deserve to be successful and to be someone For the sole reason they've had to deal with failures at some point in their life How would you be, feel and act if your dream was accomplished? I'm about to change your life Because this piece of research changed mine Procrastination has nothing to do with work Procrastination is a form of stress relief What are you stressed about? The research on procrastination is Undeniable it's black and white Number one, all of you that procrastinate Procrastination is not the issue with stress You're procrastinating to give yourself a little break at work It's sort of like taking a smoking break almost you know you're just taking a break so number one because you're all stressed out and Procrastinators are very hard on yourselves This is gonna sound super stupid, but you gotta forgive yourself You have got to actually have a talk with yourself

Where were you feel yourself starting to procrastinate you go look no I really screwed up I know I'm in a mess financially I forgive myself I'm just gonna do the best that I can So that's self awareness of knowing oh my god, here's that stress again about finances Screwing me over and preventing me from doing the small things that will actually fix my finances Second thing that you're gonna do Procrastination is a habit, right? You get triggered by stress The habit is to procrastinate, so when you get triggered by stress your new habit is

Oh, there's my stress again I'm gonna actually tell myself Okay, you've done the best you can it's okay We're gonna do a little bit today You're gonna create What we call starting ritual Starting ritual is something that pushes you to start the best one on the planet, the 5-second, so you've said okay There's my stress again I forgive myself

Now, we're gonna five four three two one I want you to only work for five minutes That's it five minutes make phone calls for five minutes Here's what we know based on the research 80% of you will keep going The trick is starting you see I want to break the Connection between the trigger which is stress and the response which is procrastination and whenever you feel stressed, Which is normal, you have a choice Here's that gap in five seconds flat the habit of procrastinating and beating yourself up will tangle

Or you can close the gap five four three two one and you can make a different choice Just let me start I'm just gonna be okay with where I'm at and I'm just gonna get started it Got it? Get started! Getting started is absolutely the key to life All in You you have to be all in and it is the hardest thing to do because if it fails then you can feel like a failure Do the things that will help you to someday be the person that you want to become The little things in life matter! If you can't do the little things right you'll never be able to do the big things right Remember no matter what it is you're doing in life, no matter what it is you're working towards, that you are choosing to do that Who you are right now today is not who you have to be tomorrow You can literally change your life in under one second Success is the result of small seemingly insignificant moments to moments choices People that are knowledgeable about habits say that it takes 30 days for a habit to become a habit Now habits can be good and habits can be bad And so over a period of time you can either be developing habits that're going to help you or you can be developing habits that are going to hurt you

People that grow Develop habits that help them Habits are the expressions of who we are and how we live And they determine all your results So this is ultimately what we want to change is changing your habits You don't stop or not start because of what you don't have You don't start because you don't realize yet that the fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge Success is earned one day at a time Every day you lift your head up off the pillow, you're gonna decide whether that day you are a success Or whether you are a failure What you want to be tomorrow you've got to do today! The dream you have in your heart was put there for a reason it was sewn into you as part of your life's journey It's not a joke it's not some vision that you might have it was put there because it's possible

This thing called life, some people call it a marathon I say it's a process and I say one of the best ways to go through life Is is to have a spirit of optimism and to be open to the Possibilities and when you approach life in that spirit it gives you power creativity and gratitude to make the journey Anything you want good you can have So claim it Work hard to get it When you get it reach back, pull someone else up each one teach one You can do what you can change your life right now, you don't have to go into work tomorrow You can just drive off and move somewhere You don't have to hang out the people you hate you can do what you want You're free The limitations are in your mind But like I always say life is 10% what happens to you is 90% what you do about it And it's not how much you have Is what you do With what you have We all have different talents some of you will be doctors some lawyers some Scientists some educators, some nurses

The most selfish thing you can do in this world Is help someone else Why is it selfish? Because the gratification, the goodness that comes to you the good feeling the good feeling that I get from helping others nothing's better than that! Nothing's better than that not not jewelry not big house I have, not the cars, but it is the joy That's where the joy is in helping others That's where the success is in helping others One of the things that we have to always keep in mind that we have the power to determine what we're going to let into our experience And many people allow themselves to buy into the negativity of the world Today, if you don't program your mind You will be programmed so you've got to make a conscious Deliberate determined effort to set aside that time every day or at least an hour That's what I do I listened to something motivational the first thing in the morning and the reason I do that whatever you listen to the first 30 minutes when you wake up it will control the spirit of your day I review my goals I do my meditations my chanting all of the things that will get me grounded and rooted and Prepare for the day and I have a quote that I always say to myself: ''Lord whatever I face today together you and I can handle it!'' I pray that You put your slippers way under the bed tonight So that when you wake up in the morning You have to get on your knees To reach them When while you're down there Say, thank you for grace Thank you for mercy

Thank you for understanding Thank you for wisdom Thank you for parents Thank you for love Thank you for kindness Thank you for humility Thank you for peace

Thank you for prosperity! Say Thank you in advance for what's already YOURS! Get up every day and say today, I will be in the right place I will talk to the right people I will make the right thing happen In my life, I'm here to tell you if you're big enough for your dreams Your dreams aren't big enough for you That means you have superhuman power to completely change your life at any moment you decide Once and for all forget about your past none of that means anything the only thing that counts Is what you do going forward The only thing that counts is how you live the rest of your life You have the ability to live every hope and dream that this life has ever helped you to focus You have the ability to do that Don't just aspire to make a living Aspire to make a difference Reinvent yourself every day, look at ways to get better, improve Chase that dream It's in your heart It's in your soul for a reason It was wired there to give you strength to give you purpose to give you direction That's why you're here

You are creative genius, you're Creator, you're creator of your experience We all have these values and we all have unbelievable talent, and we all have incredible Power within us even if the world or the people around us don't think we have that Believe in yourself even when no one else does Life is not a parabolic Curve, it doesn't go straight up, a lot of lumps a lot of bumps a lot of throttling up not a throttling down I have never yet Met a successful person that hasn't had to overcome either a little or a lot of adversity in his or her life Sometimes the struggle is put there for you Sometimes life is happening for us to get better and it's a demand and it's Challenging and that hardship can suck, but know, know that that struggle is necessary at this moment You got to deal with it You can't avoid it You got to face this thing and say okay? What can I move? The attitude your attitude my attitude right now is the paintbrush We have it in our hands It's it's in our control It's inside of your hand

It's it's not inside of someone else's hand, inside in your husband's hands It's not in your neighbor's hands it's in your hand you have the paintbrush in your hand and Basically on this canvas of the mind you and I can paint anything that we desire Our legacy our past anchors us to where we are today And you have to let go of that You truly have to let go of all the stuff in your past the Infrastructure that you built to let yourself go Other people's perception of you ain't none of your business That who you woke up as this morning has to be enough irregardless of the activities of the day Never ask anybody Permission to do what you need to do in your life And never expect anybody to know more about your life than you do That's your life! If you can't live it how in the world do you think somebody else is going to be able to live your life for you you? You have to give yourself cues you have to give yourself affirmations you have to tell yourself how to think and feel and act Not hope the perfect you comes out All meaningful change come from inside If you want to change something about who you are what you believe what are you gonna accomplish, change from within! This is the most important thing that I'm gonna say today, and if you embrace this it will fundamentally forever and for the better change your life you must decide You must decide that you can get good at anything You know if you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity then the whole game changes And I want to encourage you to think in what I call a bold and abundant mindset Because how you think matters and it changes everything in your business and your life everything We're living in a world where anything is possible

Your mindset is the most important asset you have Don't restrict yourself! Go big! Go bold! The world is there for you to create your visions of the future I want you to understand now is the time! Now's the time to to do some things that are going to really make a difference! The greatest gap between successful and unsuccessful people Is not the education gap, it's not where you were born gap It's not the age gap, it's not the poverty gap the greatest gap between successful and unsuccessful people listen to me very carefully is how you THINK! Accept the fact that we can't change everything we can't influence everything, but we can change and influence our attitude our actions each day Whatever that thing is for you by God get up and do it! You don't have to complete it today, but you do have to start to go in that direction It's more about what you do every single day, right? Your days are your life in miniature Take care of each day and a Great life will take care of itself so if you were to achieve five little wins every single day at the end of 30 days That's 150 little wins at the end of one year It's eighteen hundred and fifty little wins So if you're waiting on Some events some reaching of the goal to fulfill you you've already lost so just what you need to do is set a high standard raise that standard Systematically grow push yourself to grow on a daily basis evaluate yourself Often and get addicted to that billing and then when the results come let them pour in and sometimes they won't but you got to Stay even-keeled Because you have control over how fast you evolve! And if I can understand what to do with today if I can handle today correctly Well here's the way this works if I can handle today correctly tomorrow will take care of itself When people worry about tomorrow, oh wow what am I going to do? No no understand take care of today You got to schedule action each day especially when it's difficult You are the right person this is the right time there is nobody else to do this Do a better job of setting standards for yourself about what you see for yourself and every single day Evaluate push yourself get more addicted to that growth as opposed to that end result You have to be willing to evict Any part of your thinking that doesn't align with where you're going

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