Julie Watson: Encouraging Mindsets for Effective Transformational Change

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My name is Wayne Bucklar and joining me today is Julie Watson Now Julie is from her own firm, Julie Watson Enterprises She's a speaker, facilitator, and coach and she's the owner of Julie Watson Enterprises Julie, welcome to the show Hi Wayne, how are you today? I'm really well, thank you

Julie sometimes when I do interviews, people are from Bob's Automotive Repair or Fred's Windscreen Shop or something and the name tells me instantly what they do and where we're going to go but Julie Watson Enterprises is one of those names that doesn't do that So fill me in what it is that you do and who do you do it for? So as you mentioned, I am a facilitator, speaker and coach and my background is in learning and development and very much around getting organizations to bring about transformational change to raising awareness, developing their people and that can be done in a range of different ways and we develop programs in there So rather than calling it “training or facilitation” I went with Julie Watson Enterprises simply because we do so much with organizations, we operate in a very holistic approach as well So it's not just learning and development, it's also as well looking at people's recruitment structure, or their HR policies, we'll bring in lots of different things So I'm kind of a bit of a troubleshooter in some ways that goes into small to medium enterprises and works with them to bring about transformational change through their people

I notice on your website there's a number of activities you do and ways you approach things but I'm really interested in who makes your perfect client So if you were able to look down through your computer and into our listeners’ lounge rooms or offices wherever they're listening, what would the perfect clients look like? Wow, awesome question So perfect client for me and I've got some perfect clients actually, so these are the people who recognize that their business might be stuck or that their people might be stuck normally, the two go hand in hand where the business and the people are stuck and they want to grow the business and they want to grow their people as well So the type of thing that gets me excited and if you link to the perfect client, they've got to be willing and open, they've got to have some sort of awareness or even if they haven't got the awareness, they've got to have that questioning and that curious mindset to go, “What else can we do and how else can we be better and do better?” And I guess those people are able to recognize themselves from that description What are the sorts of things that you're going to be able to help them, what are the topic areas that you work in? So topic areas would be things like communication skills, feeding into leadership, personal effectiveness, sales, all of these parts they all talk to each other and then ultimately, coming back into the customer experience

But also as well the employee experience in an organization as well because if you've got happy employees, employees that work well together, that communicate well together, that are led well, then what happens is your customer experience starts to grow as well and develops and you've got happier customers And ultimately, you'll have more revenue, more profitability coming in because people understand how to sell, they understand how to talk to each other, they feel looked after, they feel nurtured and so forth Now Julie, what's the service delivery mechanism for you? Do you work in one-to-one or is it groups or is it conferences and events? How do you present your material? All of the above Wayne So I will deliver keynote talks at conferences to large audiences, we make those a bit like a launch pad in there essentially because we make them fun and experiential without bashing people over the head with, “This is how we're going to do it” But then we might go in and we might do some facilitation or some training and give people the skills, and the tools and the strategies but ultimately, working on their mindset to get that intrinsic motivation so that they can bring about transformational change in the organization

And then what we'll also do as well is that we'll work one-on-one with people to really drive that action plan, that transformational change for them as individuals so that they recognize who they are coming back into the business and who they are as human beings So it could be large conferences, small group, workshops or one-to-one coaching or small group coaching Now Julie, you're based in Brisbane in Queensland, what's the geographical footprint for your clients? Do you only work locally or do you work countrywide or do you in fact work worldwide? I work locally, countrywide and then I have clients on the other side of the world as well Wayne So we trip across the globe really, it's one of those things that we haven't specifically said, “Let's just stay to Brisbane” because we tend to find that if someone wants to work with us and we're a good fit, we will work to make it happen wherever they are in the world And technology these days helps us so much

It certainly does Now Julie, there'll be people out there who have been listening to your talk and say, “Okay, that Julie Watson is a pretty smart lady We want a bit more of her Perhaps, their organizers for next year's sales conference or perhaps they’re organizing an event from an association” How do those people reach out to you? So website juliewatson

comau or the very best way to get in touch with me is on my mobile which is 0406 002 886 or shoot me an email julie@juliewatsoncomau And because I always get into trouble for doing phone numbers too quickly for people, so pencils ready listeners, that phone number was 0406 002 886

And if you missed it then, it'll be in the transcript so check on our website Julie, thank you for being with us today I do appreciate your time My pleasure, thank you so much If you just joined us, then you just missed my chat with Julie Watson of Julie Watson Enterprises

She's a speaker, facilitator, coach and the owner of Julie Watson Enterprises and you've missed our chat about the unique way I think that she delivers very high energy training interventions or facilitation interventions into organizations But the good news is on our website, we have a transcript so if you're a reader you can read the interview But if you're a listener and given that this is radio I assume you are, we also have an audio archive and it's available on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube and you can find links to all of that on the station website at wwwtalkersfm

My name is Wayne Bucklar and this is Business Radio TalkersFM

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