Drum to the Beat of Your Own Heart • Transformational Speaker + Educator: Skye Quinman

(Skye) You are creative! (students) I am creative! (Skye) You are a musician! (students) I am a musician! (Skye) You can do this! (students) I can do this! (students) Take out the trash, take out the trash NOW! (Skye) That was good! (Skye) Let's pretend that our dynamic here is mezzo forte [clapping in time] (Skye) You guys rock! (students) Yaaaaay! (Skye drum speak) JA-da-du-GAT- diga-diga-diga-diga DA-da-du-GAT-diga-diga-dah! (students) Yep Yeah (students) C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C F! (play F Major scale together) B flat! (Skye) Give your neighbor a high five, that was awesome (Skye) Stretch your fingers

(students) 1+2+3 (Skye) Has anyone ever seen Blue Man Group before? (students) I can do this! I'm Skye About half a million young people around the world know me as Coach K, but you can call me "Skye" I'm a Percussion Counselor, Educator, and Composer

I'm also a Certified Medical Intuitive If you have siblings at home and they annoy you, and you want them to go away all you have to do is practice your instrument! They'll leave! (students laugh) I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than empowering youth to use drumming to heal emotional wounds So they can regain their energy and the drive that they need to live their purpose

(Skye) What emotion did you hear when you heard that song? (students) Sadness! (Skye) You guys are really in tune with your emotions! The vulnerable life stories and genuine connections that I make with young people inspire them to uncover the gifts within their most challenging experiences As a result of our interactive presentations, and the music workshops that I do, and the intentionally designed bucket drumming curriculum that I've made, Young people are beginning to use the gifts that they've gained from those past traumas to fuel their purpose and begin living to their fullest potential Before they even graduate high school! She's just given us so much confidence

(Skye) With confidence, ready, go! (students) titi-ta-titi-ta The greatest gift I was ever given was a traumatic childhood When my stepdad sent me out to sit with the trashcans for hours at a time because "that's where trash belongs," he had no idea that he was setting me up for a future of inspiring and empowering hundreds of thousands of young people around the world (Skye) Yeah!!! That was good! When life hands "trashy" situations, you gotta turn those trash cans over, and make music with them! Your unique superpower to fulfill your soul's purpose comes from your most challenging times My traumatic and life-threatening past set me up with intense empathy, intense creativity, and intense resilience Now I get to combine those superpowers with my deep love of percussion to help others in uncovering their superpowers to transform the world! She'll compare drums to life (Skye) Wham! Like a baseball bat

(Skye) Imagine you had a soccer team with only goal keepers We have to have different players in all the different positions in order to make a real game Band is the same way As mentors, we have this great responsibility to help shape these students' lives She taught me that you can never really accomplish anything as long as you're inside your comfort zone Do do something awesome, like that I need to push them like get out of that bubble

She told us, "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra" My story is a story of abuse, loneliness, adversity

but it's also a story of ingenuity, and hope, and ambition I just want the next generation to know that in the middle of their hardest times, when it feels like there's no hope, like it just can't get any worse They're actually being primed for their purpose I get it I-I've been suicidal I've had an eating disorders

I've been on the edge of death 3 times She's been through so much, yet she succeeded so much No matter how many years the volume of your life song has been turned down, silenced, put on mute Inside, the song your heart is still beating! Maybe early YOU can hear it, but your song is still alive And you have the power to turn up the volume and perform to your absolute best in life And tell people, "Look! If you can't jam with my song, that's okay But I'm not turning down my song You need to go jam with someone else, or buy some earplugs, because I was born to play this song!" (Skye) You've earned this! There's gonna be people in your life who try to mute your song

And there's gonna be people in your life who try to change your song But you deserve to know that just because your song sounds different, doesn't mean you're lost Just because your song sounds different, doesn't mean you're wrong And just because your song sounds different, doesn't mean you're not enough I'm here with strategies and hope

The only thing that can heal our world is massive movement of empathy and authenticity Both of these traits require resilience To cultivate resilience in young people, we must intentionally balance compassion with accountability The biggest surprise I had was how hard she was gonna push those boundaries out and try to make me realize that there wasn't a box there to begin with She's really gonna take you out of that comfort zone, and she's really gonna help you in your life

(Skye) I just want to say that she's not only earned her phone back and a lot of privileges respect from her family and from everyone around her, but Sabrina went from a 20 to over a 30! [students clap] Ooooh! The coolest thing to see teenagers do is to help each other get better as opposed to being in competition The responsibility we've seen has just grown exponentially And that is something that everyone will take with them for the rest of their lives

She makes you change in ways you wouldn't ever expect She would not take being mediocre which helped me so much

She works with us, but she let's us have fun, too (Skye) Find some old lady in the audience to stare at so she's like "Ahhh" [students laugh] I LOVE partnering with adults who are passionate about supporting the next generation in unlocking their natural resilient minds, and their naturally creative souls, and their natural hearts of gold

(Skye) I will shine! (students) I will shine! I can actually do this Who do you know? Prepare to work hard and become great Definitely take advantage of this opportunity This may never come again in their life This is sort of offered a unique experience for them, in that, this is not something they're just going to get on a regular basis at any high school (Skye) You guys have been an awesome, awesome audience! Give yourselves a round of applause! [applause] She will change youfor the better! (laughs) (Skye) You are creative! (students) I am creative! (Skye) You are a musician! (students) I am a musician! (Skye) You did it! (students) I did it! [applause] (Skye) Good job! High fives for everyone!

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