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If you're an entrepreneur, someone who has a product or service, or you're an artist, a writer, musician, actor, performer, or other creative, you have a gift You have a message, or have a product, in which, you wish to give to the world and make a living from it

You recognize that this can be one of the most challenging things that you can do in your life That process is not only about having a successful business or artistry, it's about who we need to become in order to do so And that requires us to undergo tremendous amounts of transformation and change It requires us to face our fears, to overcome obstacles, to expand and grow, and move past our comfort zones It requires a level of spiritual awakening and self-awareness, that you just don't find anywhere else

This process is what I would consider the modern-day hero's journey And I call it, awakened entrepreneurship, because it's not just about having a business It's about having a business while undergoing the awareness of self-discovery and self- transformation, from a place of integrity, of authenticity Doing so, of actually being of service to the world, and moving all of consciousness, moving everything forward, including ourselves By no means does this mean I have it all figured out

For the past ten years, this has been my process My name is Drew Gerald When I was eighteen years old, I started a software company that served clients such as, Sony Pictures, Disney, Samsung, Whole Foods, and over 30,000 others Years later, I became an author published alongside Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Ken Wilber, and others Unfortunately, the challenge is riddled within those achievements, aren't nearly as cool or glamorous as I just tried to make them sound

When I was running my software company, it took me eighteen months, working twelve-hour days programming on the computer, before I saw any profit Shortly after being published, I became homeless and was absolutely baffled how I could be a published author and yet, not afford to put a roof over my head The challenges and failures that go along with the great successes of entrepreneurship and artistry, are things that most of us don't hear about They're not glamorous They're not bling-bling, they don't sound sexy, but they're absolutely essential on the path of achieving the success that you want in your life

The secret is, those challenges, those failures, the times that I felt like giving up, the times that I felt depressed, lonely, afraid, jealous, rejected, suicidal, confused, in despair It was in those times, that called forth my greatest strengths And it was from those, that I've learned my greatest lessons The secret is, that through those challenges and struggles, they shape us, they form us, like iron being forged into steel in the hottest fire, help us become who we need to become, in order to bring our gifts into the world The Process is my invitation for you to join me over the next thirty days, where I share with you those insights that I've learned over the past ten years

Things such as, permission to play, loving your shadow, and perfection is a prison, things that you've probably seen in the banner above on this page This series is absolutely free There's no marketing gimmicks, there's no crazy up-sells, there's no ten thousand dollar course at the end, there's no product launches This is one-hundred percent free content Well then, what's the catch? Why are you doing this, Drew? Well, the truth is, I'm not a famous spiritual teacher

I don't have millions of followers, I'm not a big influencer or anything This is my way of sharing with you what I know and it's a way to create an opportunity for you to get more support If you want to go deeper, if you want to join a community of like-minded people, then during this series, you'll have opportunities to do so If not, that's cool Hopefully, you'll learn something valuable over the thirty day series

If this sounds good, if this resonates with you, enter your email address on this page and you'll get enrolled Thank you very much and I will see you soon

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