I AM – Best Motivational Speech Video (Featuring Eddie

How bad do you want it? Are you talking about it or are you being about it? Greatness is no joy ride Greatness is full of adversity and obstacles

How bad do you want it? How dedicated are you to achieving your greatness? Too many times we wake up in the morning and we're ungrateful for that day we're awake, we're blessed The world is full of negativity we don't have to be negative on ourselves I hate when people talk about I am unlucky I am unsuccessful, I am fat, I am ugly No, you are not, let's change our I am it's gonna fuel our day, it’s gonna fuel our life I am successful, I am powerful, I am great, I am amazing That's the words that have to follow our I am It's going to fuel your life let's start taking it with passion Let's start being amazing Use your I am to change the world if your actions are not in line with your beliefs Stop lying to yourself There is nobody in this world that can go out there and be great for you You got to make a conscious decision to stop making excuses Strap up your heart, stick out your chest and get it done

There's nobody in this world, that's going to give you what you want You're gonna have to go out there and get what you want by working hard Being talented is not good enough you gotta work hard you gotta be passionate and you gotta, gotta be grateful Yes, I said grateful I failed over and over and over again and I've risen to success because of my mindset Your mindset can be controlled your attitude can be controlled by you, nobody else nobody else can control your attitude and your mindset if you let them, then you're allowing them to own something that belongs to you that is your property When you get up in the morning don't look at your phone don't check your emails don't think about yesterday's problems, yesterday struggles and what obstacles you got today

Focus, focus on the things that you have and not the things that you want focus on the people that love you and not the people that hate you focus on what and who you want to be and become be blessed, be grateful and say thank you When you wake up every single morning, I want you to wake up with a smile on your face doesn't matter how bad yesterday was doesn't matter what you got going on today and start telling yourself what you want to be I am rich I am healthy I am great I am amazing I am a great father, I am a great mother whatever you wanna be, start your day off with I am because what follows your I am is gonna shape your day your year and your life I'm gonna tell you something that one of my mentors Jim Rohn told me If you want change in your life you are going to have to change you're gonna have to do something different you're not gonna be able to get up and be doing the same thing over and over again and expect something different to happen something different to change if you keep doing that you are insane that is the definition of insanity Don't be a volunteer victim

A lot of our problems in life is self-inflicted wounds A lot of times as we get older we tend to conform and we stop growing, we stop building as people inside No one wants to set goals, nobody wants to keep them We'd rather do what's easy in life instead of getting a little bit uncomfortable and growing When you're uncomfortable is when you start to grow when you're uncomfortable is when you start to build muscles in your mind, in your body, in your soul Gratitude is the only, only shortcut to success Be grateful for what's around you Don't take it for granted Get up every single morning and do something that you love For half an hour, for 10 minutes, for five minutes, for an hour start small I'm gonna repeat that, success is little steps of progress if you're moving forward, if you're moving towards your goals towards your greatness, then you are progressing

Don't wait till the weekend, do it now whatever it is you have to believe stop putting limitations on yourself stop doubting yourself stop letting other negative naysayers Pull you into their circle of disaster, misery loves company that's a fact We have to rethink what motivates us What pushes us What is our why? Why do you do what you do, how you do it? I want to inspire you to become the best you that you can be Everybody else is taken, you can do the easy things in life If you do those easy things, life is gonna be hard, I promise you But if you go about it, and do those hard things those things that nobody wanna do those things “oh, man I gotta get up and do that today, alright” then life will be easy, it's a choice that you have to make whenever you're ready Write down exactly what you want to achieve and then every single day as many times as possible read it to yourself If you want to make a million dollars a year, write down on that piece of paper I make a million dollars a year I am healthy I am happy I have the love of my life

Write it down and repeat it every single day You wanna be great, you wanna be special you wanna be wealthy, you wanna be a billionaire you wanna be the best basketball player, you wanna be the best football player you wanna be the best soccer player you wanna be the best surgeon, the best doctor, the best father whatever your best is going to be whatever the best that you want it to be you gotta get up and you gotta change You gotta do something that you never thought you'd do You gotta do something that, that people don't expect you to do you gotta go ahead and rewrite your own history Stop waiting for somebody to come in there, swoop you off your feet make your life perfect, make your life great you gotta do it, you have to be the change in your life that you want to happen You cannot depend on anybody the only person I'm gonna ever bet on in this world is myself Because I know that's the one thing I can control my attitude my mentality, yes my mentality I'm the only person that has control over that if you let somebody piss you off, you let somebody get you mad shame on you Stop doing what you're doing every single day unless you are dedicated to being great Now get up there get outside and go make change happen for you and your family right here, right now, today My ten-year-old son literally brought me to tears Two days ago, I believe- I think it was two days ago I'm cleaning up his room picking up some of his stuff and I see these index cards and I was like aw man that's so crazy I was looking for some index cards So I go to take the index cards to write my goals to put them into the universe, to state them down on an index card and it says do not touch and I'm like, what the heck so I flipped it over I started to read what my son wrote and it brought me to tears

This child is ten years old he wrote a speech that he's gonna give when he goes into the NFL Draft and he doesn't know exactly what team he's gonna get drafted by yet But he thanked me, he thanked his high school coach, he thanked his JV coach he thanked, he thanked coaches he doesn't even have yet Guys he didn't stop there, he wrote his Hall of Fame speech when he gets inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame what does he have that you don't? what does he have that I don't? what does he have that most people don't? He has full faith and belief in himself And that is what motivated me that is what got me excited that's what gets me up every single morning is my why So every morning when you wake up I'm gonna challenge you right here, right now I'm gonna challenge you to think something that makes you smile just- just smile, early in the morning be thankful, say it out loud say three things that you're grateful for in your life Smile and then you're gonna set up the rest of your morning the rest of your afternoon and your day for success

if you really want it then step up and go get it

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