Exploring transformative learning principles in the domains of learning and service

SPEAKER 1: I'm just going to read through these We have the document on campus, that you can review

But we just pulled out just a few of those pieces Disorienting dilemma in the workplace that provide a space for transformation, so really thinking about what those types of scenarios could be for our students, whether real or prompted from staff Helping others gain skill and knowledge Having a greater emphasis on reflective practice instead of task completion And again, we have some pieces there where you can also add some pieces around

Reflection Some additional models around reflection So it's not just simply what happened, but really exploring the depths of what reflection could be for our students Direct and active learning experiences The domain of community and civic engagement l contextual border crossing

So listening to Leslie and Amarah really speak to those dissonance Again, when students rethink their assumptions, then their experience in doing so becomes a frame of reference Again, just recognizing their identity and a lot of these different perspectives as they move through the world that you think will be significant for them A realization of contextual factors and services SPEAKER 2: So with diversity and local consciousness said some things had popped out where critical textual discourse– and again, these are all described more in-depth on the document

But dialogic relationships in a learning community So having that ability to talk across difference with each Writing narrative inquiries I found that one interesting, so not just reflection, but narrative inquiries, which is a little more in-depth Experiencing and humanizing pedagogy

With health and well-being, we found providing authentic opportunities to develop and practice self-regulation strategies Options for self-determined outcomes and learning experiences That's a really interesting one to me, the idea of connecting outcomes in that way to helping all people is fascinating Opportunities that are scaffolded to learner's needs And then with personal leadership development, so again, the most successful leadership development programs are situated within a specific context

We understand And it's the same with transformational leadership So making sure that we're providing context And that's what a lot of what we're trying to do today is about We know that even the idea of leadership is really a process

So making sure that even as we show up to do a program, that we have an understanding of what we're trying to cover So with transformative learning, it's the same thing We have to sit down and make sure that we are providing context for what we're attempting to take on Again, sharing a common intellectual framework sustained over time So again, just not the one-hit wonders, just being episodic

But what do we do from year to year And even just how do we build from term to term? And again, just share your common practice

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